Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I'm Liking Trump More and More

Take the money from the parasites.

Something the republicans should have tried long ago.


A Texan said...

But Team R are spineless cucks looking to line their own pockets.

Trump has to show them how to win though even Trump is warmed over Reagan Democrat in many ways.

sassed1 2many said...

Hate to be Negative Nelly... but I believe Trump is the last speed bump on our long and fast decline

Anonymous said...


Why the fuck is the left so obsessed with trains? Are they fucking autistic? Every passenger train project is a massive money pit. Trains have ridiculous infrastructure requirements, have to travel slowly while any part of them is in a curve, can't turn sharply like road vehicles, and must maintain tons of space between themselves on the track, leaving the track mostly unused at any given time. Unless you're transporting a shit-ton of coal or oil one-way over a very long straight distance, trains suck.

Steamship Trooper said...

They like trains for all the reasons you describe. Point out how mobile a car or airplane really is, and control freaks go poopflinging monkey really fast. Trains, oth, are a centrist wet dream of travel.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

The **WORST** thing that you can do to a Leftist is to take away "their" 'government funding'...they go apesh*t crazy!

Anonymous said...

The sooner we cut this state full of fucking morons from the Union, the sooner we can move on to more productive things. And make it illegal to relocate from there if you're a registered Socialist asshole!

They shit that bed and can damned well sleep in it!!!!