Sunday, February 24, 2019

Equality for Everyone

No exceptions.


Red Pill Wisdom said...

"..."Either they need to get rid of the draft registration, or they need to require women to do the same thing that men do." "

Next, let's make "No-Fault" Divorce REALLY "No-Fault" -- instead of the one-sided misandric nightmare that it currently is.
After that, make sentencing for criminal offenses 'Equal', too.
REAL 'Equality' -- let's see how women like being treated as men really are treated.

“Now that women have the political power to obtain their just rights, they will begin to lose their old power to obtain special privileges by sentimental appeals. Men, facing them squarely, will consider them anew: not as romantic political and social invalids to be coddled and caressed, but as free competitors in a harsh world.
When that reconsideration gets under way there will be a general overhauling of the relations between the sexes -- and some of the fair ones, I suspect, will begin to wonder why they didn’t let well enough alone.”
− H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

So how long until military slavery at gunpoint is abolished altogether? Wammens won't put up with being drafted.

Maniac said...

Hollow victory. Many of the ladies will "accidentally" get pregnant beforehand.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious..... I mean think about it..... could this affect female voting patterns in the future?

99% of women don't want to serve or fight in any war - so if they are now at risk of conscription, would that affect their voting for political parties that are more likely to start wars? aka the Demms history of stoking war with Russia for example.....

I hope this ruling sticks because if more 'true' equality follows it may help push women back towards a sane society.

Alt London said...

The only way to avoid putting the cat amongst the pigeons is to abolish the draft.

Otherwise, we'll see hilarious scuffles as the left tries to line up all in the same direction on this.