Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Is Captain Marvel Going to Torpedo End Game?

I had a scary thought.

Brie Larson (who I truly cannot care any less about) was mouthing off about identity politics again.  This didn't change my mind about seeing "Captain Marvel" because I wasn't going to see it anyway.  The trailer told me immediately it was going to be a feminist lecture.  A 20 something actress digging a deeper hole instead of just shutting up is only going to make other people not want to see it.

But now I'm worried it's going to ruin Endgame.  Not that I hold the Avenger's franchise in as high regards as John Wick, but I loved Infinity War.  I was truly looking forward to its conclusion, Endgame.  I do not want it ruined or even infected with politics.  But if the main actress of Captain Marvel is going to keep doubling down on politics, or even just talking about politics, AND this tag-along super hero is supposedly going to rescue The Avengers, then you're blemishing what I thought was a perfect movie and it is going to deter some of the movie going public to see Endgame.

Which is tragic.

Because Captain Marvel was just supposed to be an origins movie introducing a necessary character to finish off the magnum opus of End Game.  It may simply infect the franchise right before the big payoff is due and really cost the studio some money.

Eh, I'll wait for the reviews to come in first.


Beans said...

Of course it will be a feminist scree, as the original Captain Marvel was genetically equipped with an outie, not an innie, and to rewrite CM as a female is all about the Feminiist Agenda.

Plus, quite frankly, the stupid actors and actresses we have today have yet to learn to shut their fat traps when not reciting the lines others write for them.

Bah. I've been done with Comic Book Movies for a while. Anything that keeps money going into those SJW intitutions needs to die.

Anonymous said...

>"Oh no, muh comic book movie might get ruined!"
You're an adult male, Aaron. Act like it.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

The screen writers could easily write Brie Larson out of her continuing role ...

Is it possible within the Captain Marvel universe that a character can polymorph into something else? Then yes, it's easily doable, and if no, then there's some other way to make this happen.

Diverge the plot a bit, kill off the character, and bring the character back in a future continuation of the plot where it's actually the less politically mouthy daughter advancing the action.

The show must go on, after all.

My suggestion to Disney: after killing off the character or polymorphing the character into something else, choose a much hotter looking actress because this one isn't.

daniel_ream said...

I just don't get this. Kevin Feige has done a fantastic- er, amazing - er, uncanny - oh, bollocks, a good job keeping the SJW out of the MCU, even to the point of subverting it in many places (Black Panther in particular). And then just as we're about to hit the climax of elevent years of superhero awesomeness, he's going to shit all over it with a D-list hero no one cares about in a plotline ripped off from their biggest competitor.

I figure there's one of two explanations: Feige's done and doesn't want to preside over the inevitable quality slide post-Endgame (they've exhausted all the good characters), and he just doesn't care any more; or, he's pulling a pre-emptive Ghostbusters by giving the SJWs everything they want with the the result that Marvel's new apex hero will crash and burn so mightily it'll be DC's Relevance all over again and they'll never get an SJW Marvel movie made again.

Anonymous said...

Not relevant, but thought you would want to see it....

Anonymous said...

Comic movies are trash because comics are trash. It's naive power fantasies for 8 year olds from the 1950's. Stop talking about them and Hollywood will stop making them. Maybe then we can get some more original movies with good plots made for adults.

Anonymous said...

"Oh no, muh comic book movie might get ruined!"

Has anyone else noticed how often the "muh something" meme is used in place of an actual argument? Lern 2 reason.

Anonymous said...

<Has anyone else noticed how often the "muh something" meme is used in place of an actual argument?

I understood his point. Why couldn't you? Too busy licking Clarey's nuts?