Friday, February 08, 2019

Here's Your Rape Culture

Oh look, it ain't Western Civilization.

Well, in that case it's alright and doesn't count.


Alt London said...

In 2006, the BBC were reporting about 'breast ironing' going on in Cameroon, Africa.

In 2017, the BBC were reporting that teachers in England 'need more training on how to spot honour and faith based abuse' such as 'breast ironing'. "It is practised in Cameroon, countries of western central Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. In the UK, girls in London, Leicester and Birmingham are most at risk."

Progress is marvellous, isn't it?

Mike said...

FEMINISTS: You men are so cruel! Stop using the death penalty on violent criminals!
FEMINISTS: Men need to stop being so violent!

Red Pill Wisdom said...

The increased rate of rape committed against minors could likely be due to the purported folk belief that having sex with a virgin will 'cure' AIDS (and possibly Ebola, now?).

And remember: the Leftists want Western countries to have open borders and allow unrestricted immigration for all of these same Third Worlders (and the diseases and societal beliefs that they also bring with them). "All cultures are equal", you know.

Maniac said...

Marxist Commandment #1: when it comes to crime, if they ain't White, they're alright.

liberranter said...

I warm to the thought of sending western women en masse to Darkistan so that they can get a taste of real "rape culture" first hand.

A Texan said...

But hey, what have those awesome White Europeans with their culture of rule of law, science, technology, and economics done for us lately: