Saturday, February 09, 2019

Can I Have Representative Chris Quinn's Wife?

Let me explain something to you noobs when it comes to politics.

Politicians are going to tender stupid legislation and try to force invasive laws into your personal lives where it doesn't belong.

This won't stop.
This won't end.
Politicians do this because they need to seem like they're "doing something" when they should be doing the OPPOSITE and eliminating laws since we are WAAAAY past the point of the "optimal number of laws."  So instead of eliminating stupid laws, they create more like banning plastic bags and banning plastic straws.

The latest one is a piece of legislation offered by a Representative Chris Quinn where he wants to tax "violent video games" because THAT will stop school shootings.

Now you can get angry at the legislation.  Or that politicians are going to politic.  But you're doing it wrong.  There's no point in arguing the inanity of the legislation.  You just have to point out the politician's name, what a cuck he/she is, and then maybe go chase his wife. Because you know that if you are offering this lame and pathetic of legislation then you are a cuck, you are a pussy, and your wife can't possibly be satisfied.  So I'm wondering if this asshole is going to get into my personal life and tax me 10% pointlessly (because this tax will NOT stop school shootings), can I get into his personal life and finally satisfy his wife?

See, you need to name these balless fuckwonders and expose them by name. Not roll your eyes and say "this legislation is stupid!  We must do something." 

No, name these fuckers.  And if they're getting their noses a little bit too much into your personal life, then maybe you see if they have a personal life you can shove your nose into as well.

Anyway, Mrs. Quinn, contact me when you're done with pencil dick over there.  We'll play some COD and chill.


Unknown said...

Haha. Same here in India. The latest news is India is going to be Thomas Pikkety's playground. (Google that fraud everyone.) The guy has offered his services as an "expert" to the opposition party moron who wants to implement a universal basic income scheme for everyone, a nation of 1.35 billion people. Basically Piketty wants to tax the rich at 60% or 70%. And rich in the Indian context means people like me. Haha. Venezuela here we come!

Anonymous said...

I believe its corporations but you know better

Anonymous said...

Companies could simply not sell video games in places that tax them. The young men would leave and the city would collapse in a few years. Or they could triple the price in those places with the same effect but without stepping on the toes of shortsighted morons who can't think past next quarter's sales.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

If the wife of one of these inane, crooked, political cucks is still with him, then you can be pretty sure that she is already 'getting some on the side' (that includes being a lesbian or bi-sexual), or is 'satisfied' with the money or power that her sh*tbrained husband has. Or that she has plans for her own political career, and her dipsh*t husband is her route to her own power.
There are plenty of examples in history of women who were 'the power behind the throne'. For example, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, the second wife of Woodrow Wilson: she made sure that few but the doctor knew about the severity of his stroke during his second term of office, and used her influence over Wilson to essentially become an 'unelected president'.
Another example? Hillary.

Maniac said...

I turn 40 tomorrow, and I've enjoyed violent music, movies and video games for the better part of my life. My criminal record is spotless. I had parents who gave a damn and taught my brother and I right from wrong.

As Gunney Ermey once said, a rifle is only a tool; it's a hard heart that kills.

David Wholly said...

Yes, let's do that. While we're at it, let's tax video games geared to young children, too. That'll bring in extra revenue for those "underpaid" public school teachers.

The really disappointing thing is that a republican is pushing for this... though not shocking. Liberals aren't the only "ban happy" group. It doesn't happy as often with those who identify as conservatives, but it DOES happen.

Anonymous said...

Young people who play video games, including violent titles, display more developed moral reasoning skills than their non-gaming peers, a study has found.