Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How AJ Cortes Exposed the World's Hatred of Men

This is an important interview because before the "Cortes Crisis" I used to think the percent of women that hate or outright disregard men as sentient, fellow human beings was very small.  Perhaps relegated to the delusional misandrist 10% that populate the world of Salon, XOJane, and American Universities.  But a simple list on female beauty propelled AJ into the global stage. A list that was at worst PG, and 100% truthful.

We discuss the consequences, ramifications, and what it means that the world has lost it's collective shit when ONE man ACCIDENTALLY listed what men wanted in women.  Please share with other young men (and women) in that this conversation NEEDS to be heard so young men know precisely what the odds are against them.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

"But a simple list on female beauty propelled AJ into the global stage ..."

But did it really?

We're not seeing millions of replies from women, and so I have a very different theory.

Women are being sabotaged by a relatively small number of other women who want to get away with not complying with reasonable standards of behaviour, even if that behaviour would be essential to getting men to want to be anywhere near those women.

And so what you are observing is the public revelation of who the saboteurs are.

I believe the women who agree with Mr Cortes's list are busy enough with their own lives and their relationships with others that they cannot be bothered to check in with Mr Cortes at what would be for him a highly convenient time. They are far too busy being beautiful, being useful, and being wanted to have even a moment's time for this bullshit.

This is like the concept of "publication bias", but on social media.

Now if Mr Cortes and others would like to do something to help promote these conceptions of beauty, perhaps some harsh punishments for the saboteurs could be at the top of the list.

Personally if I see someone bashing venustas and firmitas, I have to wonder what ugly shit's clogging up the plumbing of their soul ... and I react accordingly.

Joe BLow said...

I am starting to think feminism has freed me: I do not give a shit what women say anymore. Truly.