Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My New Book - "How Not to Become a Millennial: The Salvation Guide for Generation Z"

Good news everyone!  Starting in on my new book, titled "How Not to Become a Millennial: The Salvation Guide for Generation Z."

As indicated before in my podcast, it will be the defining book of the Millennial generation, yet ironically not written for them as I believe they are beyond hope and beyond help.  No amount of reason, evidence, or empiricism will ever get through to them, so it's futile to try to "help them" or "save them."  However, this doesn't mean the Millennial generation has no value.  They have great value in that they can serve as the largest warning in the history of the world for others.  Namely, people who still have a future - Generation Z.

As per the book description:

"The world's largest sociological experiment has failed right in front of our eyes and it's vital younger generations learn from it.  That experiment was the Millennials.  Bankrupt, broke, living at home, brainwashed, physically revolting, in debt, jobless, mentally ill, celibate, and no hope whatsoever of salvaging what remains of their lives, it's important Generation Z learn from this disaster of a generation so that they might not suffer the same fate and actually stand a chance at happiness and a future.  But it will be harder than you think!  The Millennials weren't formed in a vacuum or by accident.  They were shaped by leaders, parents, teachers, media, counselors, schools, and other institutions in America into the failures that they are today.  And those same people are the ones currently leading Generation Z down the exact same path of destruction, debt, misery, and failure.  Be smart.  Learn from the carnage that is the Millennial generation and realize you're being lied to right now.  Look at the spectacular failure the Millennials have become and realize who made them that way.  You only get one shot in life.  For god's sake make sure you don't become a Millennial."

The description is subject to revision, however, while I'm good at words, I am not so good at art.  Therefore I'm announcing a "Cover Art Competition" for any intrepid artists interested in designing the cover for my new book.  It can be designed, drawn, painted, etc., it just needs to capture the epitome and essence of the Millennial generation, thus visually "scaring Generation Z straight."

If you have a submission, please contact me at  But I am warning you now.  I do not want any low-grade "copy and paste" crap that can be made in some kind of "cover creator" with shitty graphics that remind you of a "for profit college" commercial during daytime TV.  I want a damn good looking cover that's clever, artistic, and looks professional.  The winner will get his/her site and name cited in the book and $250. Please share this with anybody you think might be interested.

Mucho thanks,



Anonymous said...

You are the only person in the world who I don't immediately disbelieve when you say you are starting a book.

Shannon_Entropy said...

Love this site and your work, Aaron, and I own several of your books
... but SPEC WORK ??

No self-respecting graphic artist does that any more. There are even entire web sites dedicated to the subject, e.g. :

sassed1 2many said...

As soon as the new book is available, I'm giving it to both of my Generation Z daughters.

jay said...

Scared straight?

Anonymous said...


While Aaron frequently quotes Malcolm Reynolds with "I do the job, I get paid.", you seem to not understand that compensation is a smooth curve all the way to zero, including speculative work. A skilled, experienced artist can demand payment up front. 90% of DeviantArt couldn't charge a single penny for any of their art.