Friday, February 08, 2019

The True Purpose of Public Schools

1.  To enrich teachers
2.  To indoctrinate students
3.  To provide an institution to raise children because American parents don't love them and don't want to raise them.

Point #3 is why we will NEVER get rid of public schools, because Republican "women" love their careers more than their children.  Thus BOTH sides of the aisle want public schools.

Truth hurts.

Suck it up.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

"3. To provide an institution to raise children because American parents don't love them and don't want to raise them ..."

And so this follows:

4. To promote a lifestyle of lifetime incarceration within a society that would lock these kids up in prisons if it weren't for their parents thinking that it would be "too much".

HEY KIDS ... do you want to create the next fun Internet diversion?

Create a new Web site called "School or Prison" in which the visitors are quizzed about whether the buildings featured are part of a school or part of a prison!

And if the visitors fail the quiz, they can get thrown into Virtual School Prison where they'll have to answer quizzes until they score high enough to get out!

Because isn't that what these schools do to you?


A Texan said...

The dumbest among this group are the Christians because they like to bitch and moan a lot over the decades but never take any action to even home school their children at their local monstrous places of worship.

I've pointed out to such people that no law stops you from educating your child and many of these places have bright and productive people like business owners and engineers and dare I say it 'teecherz'. Most education can be done online or at the very least resources are exceptionally cheap. But noooooooo, that would take effort and they would rather do their virtue signaling by moaning than actually creating their own education system that might even attract like minded people.

Un Americano said...

The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto

Anonymous said...

School is nothing short of child abuse. There should be no shortage of prison sentences handed out because of compulsory "schooling".

kurt9 said...

I had just arrived on a flight to a destination and was on the shuttle bus to the car rental place (I travel for work often) and over heard two other adults talking about how they looked forward to the end of the summer so that their kids would be back in school. The implication that I picked up was that they were tired of having to look after their kids for the say, everyday, during the summer. This made clear to me that most people view the public schools as essentially a baby-sitting operation on a massive scale.

liberranter said...

Point #3 is why we will NEVER get rid of public schools, because Republican "women" love their careers more than their children. Thus BOTH sides of the aisle want public schools.

You don't even need to qualify "women" here with "Republican;" it's not a partisan issue. Nearly ALL American women, even the ones who are not political at all, care more for their careers and material possessions than for their children. This leads to a Point 4 that you can add:

4. The "price" of public school is just right (i.e., it costs selfish parents nothing out of pocket directly, even though the dickheads still pay for it with outrageous property taxes). It's a free babysitting service, a way for lazy, indifferent parents to fob their offspring off onto somebody else for 8-plus hours per day. In the unlikely event that the kids learn something useful, that's a bonus, but not important.

Honestly, most parents probably would not mind releasing their kids to the custody of self-professed child abusers every day if it means not having to be responsible for them. Come to think of it, that's pretty much what they're already doing by sending them to publik skoolz...

SecondComingOfBast said...

The American education system, like the government, is anti-family. They cry about divorce rates, yet do everything possible to keep them as high as possible. A child from a broken home is far easier to indoctrinate and conttol than kids from a functional, united family. There is no one at home to balance out the nonsense they are being poisoned with.

Of course, even most united families today are dysfunctional as hell, which is another effect of the current culture and educational system.

Anonymous said...

Schools punish good students who don't cheat. They produce socialists by means of making everyone cynical and skeptical of any competition.

The weird thing is that Christians are hit the hardest by the lack of fair play in academic "meritocracy", but leftists are mostly secular.

Jennifer said...

Merely anecdotal.

Jennifer said...

How many of you have taught children?

(crickets chirping)

A Texan said...


Rick Caird said...

You mean when the Denver school teachers say they are going on strike "for the children", that might not be true?