Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Making Women Thin Again"....Or Not

Seriously, think about this.

With body positivity, self love, and big is beautiful being so thoroughly ensconced into the minds of any woman younger than a boomer, why would you invest in a company that promotes thinness instead of lies?

I find it hilarious that Oprah, who promoted all this big-is-beautiful-bullshit over her career, would invest in something that NOW promotes traditional female standards of beauty.  She was instrumental in eliminating traditional beauty standards, but thinks a business in "Making Women Thin Again" has a profitable future?

Oprah made telling a lies a multi-billion dollar empire.  I suggest she sticks with what she knows.


liza said...


Anonymous said...

Oprah is still very much in the money on her stock purchase, assuming it doesn't slide a lot more.

The company is screwed for other reasons though. "The company said its new tagline will be 'Wellness that Works,' and starting in January 2019, every product sold by WW will have not artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives." So they switched from selling attractiveness to selling gross food nobody wants, especially fat people. Genius.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

"With body positivity, self love, and 'big is beautiful' being so thoroughly ensconced into the minds of any woman younger than a boomer..."

For the present (besides investing in companies that sell cat foods and cat toys, boxed wine, and ice cream), also invest in companies that sell home 'fitness' equipment and 'diet' foods.
For long-term investments, invest in medical companies that sell insulin and other medications for treating diabetics.