Monday, February 04, 2019

The Lack of Politics and Sermons in the 2019 Super Bowl Ads

I did not watch the whole thing.  But I was sure as hell that Corporate America would continue to lecture and sermon real Americans about being racist, sexist, and generally bad people.

Apparently they didn't.

That being said, I am supremely confident going forward Corporate America and their Gen X Marketing SJW Overlords will not be able to help themselves because that is all they know what to do - virtue signal.  Remember, these people do NOT have as their primary goal profit or productivity.  It is politics that drives them.  Like millennials, these Gen X'ers never really worked real jobs in their lives either and their brains were equally weak and thus susceptible to marxist brainwashing in college.  They offer nothing of value but their politics and they're going to force it down your throat whether you like it or not.  The Super Bowl was just a fluke.


Mike said...

I never watch sportzball anyway, but I was chuckling when I read that the cost of commercial airtime during the superbowl dropped this year for the first time ever, and that viewership was at a ten year low.

Maniac said...

That Google ad where they claim to be helping veterans find jobs irked me. I thought to myself, "If you really want to help them, stop trying to do away with the First Amendment that they're willing to die for by censoring Conservatives."

Anonymous said...

$1,000 says the NFL itself banned political commercials because their viewership is collapsing.