Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Church or Captain Marvel: Choose Your Sermon

It's very simple - people don't want politics mixed in with their fun.

We all work 40-60 hours a week.  We commute 10.  And after another 15 hours of chores and basic requirements of life, what few precious hours of freedom we have we cherish and value above all else.  And it is those few hours of freedom that ultimately determine the happiness and enjoyment we get out of life.  And the hell if we're going to ruin it with politics.

But tell that to the Gen X'ers who now command the majority of CSR, marketing, and advertising departments in Corporate America and Hollywood.  Talentless, fresh-out-of-ideas, unoriginal, and common, these low-IQ marketing heads only know the one trick they were taught in business school and that is "politics-trumps profits," "corporate virtue signaling," and "jam your socialist politics into the fun of everybody else."  They have no value except the politics they were spoon-fed in college, and think the rest of society is equally valueless, also desperately clinging a parasitic socialist ideology as their only core value in life. And so any sort of fun MUST have some sort of socialist sermon, lecture, moral, or proselytizing forced in it, thus putting a turd in America's punch bowl of fun.

The latest example is Brie Larson's interview with Digital Spy where she views her acting as a form of activism in the upcoming movie "Captain Marvel."

If you don't know who Brie Larson is, or what Captain Marvel is, it really doesn't matter.  This is just another Hollywood actress, mouthing off about politics, telepathing to you potential movie goers that there will be leftist politics, feminist sermoning, and a political lecture that nobody asked for and nobody wanted in this upcoming movie.  It's further proof that anybody under the age of 50 seems to think their politics is all that matters.  And it's also further proof that Hollywood doesn't understand who they work for.  They do not understand their product.  They do not understand their audience. And they are so tone deaf, so brain dead, so autistic, they can't understand the simple concept that people don't like politics mixed in with their fun.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case corporate wide and Hollywood wide. Gillette thinks accusing men of rape, assault, domestic violence, in a condescending commercial will help boost sales.  Starbucks wants to have "conversations about race."  And Kathleen Kennedy needs to remind you that the force is female and will add three huge scoops of purple-haired vagina on your latest Star Wars movie, whether you wanted feminism or not.  There is hope that maybe corporate America is getting the message that people don't like politics in their razors, coffee, and movies in that the Super Bowl 53 commercials were absent of SJW commercials.  But I think given the trillions that were invested in Gen X'er's educational brainwashing, it's going to take about a decade of stagnant sales and boycotts to get it through their thick skulls to stop ruining people's fun with politics.

Thus, I have a suggestion for those of you who are sick of politics ruining your movies - go to church.

This is not a plea for Christianity (I loathe organized religion), but to point out that going to church or synagogue or even mosque would be preferable and much more beneficial than going to see Captain Marvel.  At least with a religious sermon there is usually some kind of wisdom that is practical and useful to your life.  You know with a religious sermon you are going to be sermoned.  And even if you don't agree with said religion, it does pay to sit, think, and reflect on ancient scriptures and texts that compile and condense thousands of years of human wisdom. Brie Larson is just going to parrot and repeat the same, tired, beaten, old, common, tiring, tiresome, obsolete feminist mantra of "we can do it too/fuck men/we're oppressed/strong independent woman/you go girl" that they have been for 50 years.  Oh, yeah, and she'll beat the bad guy in the end.

I wish I was being tongue and cheek, but I'm not.  I honestly think the movie-going public and America as a whole would be way better off and $20 richer if they just took in an actual sermon instead of a political one disguised as a movie.  And while you may not belong to a church or a synagogue, you can easily download a sermon from Ligonier Ministries, read an article about Judiasm,  or learn about debt avoidance through Islam.

Because here's the other reason you should just spend your Sunday afternoon taking in an actual sermon instead of a Captain Marvel one.  If you do go see Captain Marvel, and enough people make the movie profitable, reluctantly accepting they're just going to be lectured at like little children, this will never end.  Hollywood, Corporate America, and the legions of brainwashed Gen X marketing executives will continue to ruin your fun with politics...







And I don't know about you, but my life is to precious and enjoyable to be having a turd floating around in my fun.
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liberranter said...

And it's also further proof that Hollywood doesn't understand who they work for.

Oh, they sure the fuck DO know who they work for, but it ain't you and me, the consumer. They work for (((the Deep State))) and full well realize that their Number One Mission is to get us mundanes to swallow as inescapable and immutable reality the civilization-destroying attitudes and actions that their propaganda projects. If it resonates with the sheeple and generates a profit for our (((overlords))), so much the better. However, forcing the message down our throats is infinitely more important, whether "we" want it or not.

Anonymous said...

You can get some heretical Social Justice crap at church during the sermons.

sassed1 2many said...

I am so utterly bored by the putrid Marxist identity driven divisive holier than thou drivel coming out of Hollyweird that I can barely form a coherent sentence without becoming exacerbated. They ruined every series I kind of liked

Mike said...

Sharing this one for sure!

Anonymous said...

All the idiots have voted for this garbage with their wallets because "muh comics". They get what they deserve.

David said...

I haven't been to a movie theater in 11 years. Besides the fact that there aren't hardly any original ideas for movies anymore or the fact Hollywood is churning out bad sequels after another, I would rather not have politics shoved down my throat. At best, there isn't a whole lot being released that can't wait a few months until I can actually stream the movie instead.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... Brie Larson is just going to ..."


Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, I thought it was bad enough when Charles Cumming named one of his characters after a town that makes a certain kind of English pie, but that's fiction ...


Well there goes the whole bloody neighbourhood then!

Can I name my kid Felicitous Penile Smegma then?

NO??? WHY NOT???

Because someone's already named their kid after a cheese, I should be able to as well!


Anonymous said...

"You can get some heretical Social Justice crap at church during the sermons."

Not at the Church of Molyneux

Laramie Hirsch said...

I wonder if Disney will be as clueless about their lost profits as they were with their incompetent handling of the Star Wars franchise. I also hear that Disney is in fibancia dnger, owing to the fact so much money is tied up in their as-yet-relesed streaming service.

America shall pay for having its head up its ass.

Unknown said...

Even going to Church is compomised these days. Good grief, we have Lenin's Pope running shit at the Vatican. Socialist sermonizing abounds. No thanks.

My Church is the great outdoors. The older I get more time I spend there away from all the nonsense you've illustrated.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to have been born early enough to have grown up during the three greatest decades in American history ... that would be the 50s, 60s, and 70s. those were the most creative times in western world history. Everything was new and creative and modern and some stuff was just very cool. All that began to die in the 80s and is now just memories that are being purged by today's educators and news people and the horror show that Hollywood has become.

Cars had distinctive styling. You could tell one brand from another at a glance. Movies and music were all new and original. There was a modesty around our society that made us happy, civil, useful.

We valued REAL education and we strive to be smart or at least appear to be smart. I could go on, but you get the point. What we have now is a shadow of our past. We are failing ourselves. Trump is our last great hope, but when he is gone ... WHO?

Anonymous said...

"Trump is our last great hope, but when he is gone ... WHO?"

The ghost of Pinochet

SnapperTrx said...

Hey, Cappy, do you check your Minds page anymore? I found a great example of your "operation evil" you should take a look at. New game Apex Legends totally using gayness as a selling point and nothing more - and its working! Hilarious what suckers people are!

doctor_kaz said...

It's not Gen-Xers. It's more the millennials. Millennials tend to be the loudest activists and they are now old enough to have substantially infiltrated corporate America. Basically anyone from college age to early 30s falls into that bucket. They are doing a lot of the writing and marketing now for these companies. You also still have a lot of old idealistic boomers in charge of these outfits. Every generation has its outliers, but Gen X was, for the most part, anti-PC.

Anonymous said...

*Wry* Calling Hollywood autistic is an insult to autistics. The vast majority of the neurologically divergent can still recognize "wait, someone is not as enthused as I am about X" if you point it out directly. Hollywood, not so much.