Friday, March 20, 2020

Do Not Save the Corona-Hoes


Maniac said...

They need us like fish need bicycles? Let them prove it.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

That heroic firefighter's experiences with all the Wall-smashees coming out of the woodwork, reminds me of what an older guy that I worked with years ago warned me about.
About five years before, he'd worked with a young guy in his early-20's who was a good worker and was going to school and almost had his degree in Civil Engineering. One day out of the blue, this girl who knew him in high school (and had been a total bitch who wouldn't give him the time of day, of course) was coming around and "wanting to get together now", acting as though they were old friends, etc.
Since the internet was still a new thing at the time (and we men didn't have the knowledge about whorish American women like we do now), the young guy asked the older one what he thought was going on with her. The older guy said "It sounds like she's pregnant and looking for a sucker to raise some other guy's kid."
It turned out that she was.
Thanks to that older guy, the younger one dodged a bullet.

After I got laid off because of the economy downturn, I finally went into the military and visited the place after I finished out of all my training and was about to deploy overseas. I ran into that older guy and he told me the above story, to warn me about the same women I'd be sure to run across during my military career.
He was right, and thanks to him I dodged a few bullets myself (the ones that I know about).
During my time in, I passed that story and its wisdom on to a few guys; I managed to warn a few but I also found that some guys won't hear what they don't want to hear.
Sadly, you can't save those who don't want to be saved. They have to learn the hard way, I guess.