Sunday, March 01, 2020

Men, You Can't Save Women

Time is the only commodity we have.  And when you're younger, you are not too couth about how you throw it around.  You'll waste time with worthless degrees.  Watch TV.  Go to night clubs, etc., but after you get older, wasting your time starts to become a real pain in the ass.  So much so you'll get enraged when people ask for your advice, but don't follow it.  Not because they aren't going to improve their lot in life, but because they wasted your precious and dwindling time.  And so as you age you realize how valuable and precious your time really is.

However, men across the world, and certainly within the red pill/manosphere communities, are spending an inordinate amount of time trying to help women.  Certainly, most women don't see it this way - men arguing for a reversion to traditional gender roles, but whereas many men are arguing from a point of malice, jealousy, or anger, I'd say the majority of red pill men are arguing from a position of tough, fatherly love.  Delivering hated harsh truths in a world of infinite and heroin-level-addicting lies.  They deep down inside want to help women, not hurt them.  But when you say an indisputable fact (like "men don't like fat chicks") in a world of lies, you're about to catch a world of hurt, instead of a thoughtful and somber "thank you."

I don't need to go into the details of why this is.  More resources (both time and money) have gone into programming women with a new religion of feminism and government dependency/entitlement than has traditionalism.  For every hour (if any at all) a mom teaches her daughter about being a supporting wife, there are quite literally thousands of hours indoctrinating her in the opposite.  And try as you might, a legion of the world's greatest red pill philosophers won't make a dent in this cemented and permanent religion/psychology.

Thus, noble and mutually beneficial as your aims are, most men I'm afraid are wasting their precious and dwindling time.  I've spent decades trying to warn people about the drawbacks of debt, overspending, and consumerism, but it stopped no one.  Many more men (and some women) have done the same when it's come to convince women of the merits of biology and traditionalism, but it's convinced no tangible percentage of the female population.  It's so permanent, so ensconced, so part of the majority of young women's psychological core that feminism/careerism/educationism/etc., now trumps the love of family/husband/children that they cannot be saved.

And thus if you can't save anybody, the only person left is to save yourself.

This is the argument I am making for any idealistic man or woman today who either professionally, or out of sheer human instinct are trying to do what is in their genetic (and moral) code by "saving" women from feminism.  That ship has sailed long ago.  So much money and time has been invested and over decades that most young women's minds are incapable of merely entertaining an alternative theory to what they've been programmed with.  And the only person's time you're wasting is yourselves.  Additionally, it is mentally, psychologically, and even emotionally draining trying to help people who just want none of it.  And as you age and see no progress, not even a modicum of hope, it becomes taxing, debilitating and depressing.  Life is too short for this lower standard of living, and you simply don't have the time in your own life to piss into this feminist hurricane.

Thus, to convince you and the millions of others to stop wasting your time and to ensure the remainder of your life is more enjoyable I am commanding you to do two things.

The first one is to listen to this episode of The Cynical Libertarian Society (MP3 here).  It's a short anecdote, but it inspired this post as it made me realize there is no way to convince women in "The Matrix" to even entertain traditionalism.  Women are being driven to suicide, would even prefer to choose suicide, than to go back to traditional gender roles.

The second is to watch this clip from Die Hard 2.  There have been several instances in my life where I've tried to stop disasters like this.  Not on par with preventing a plane crashing, but loved ones, fellow Americans, or just young kids from making irreparable mistakes in their lives.  NONE, not a single one, of them listened.  The cost was not only the precious time I gave up futilely trying to help them, but the defeatism and (admittedly) more-than-slight depression that came with watching them go on to fail and suffer.

Do not suffer unnecessarily.  Enjoy the Decline, take enjoyment, solace, and serenity in what you can, and just leave women alone.


'Reality' Doug said...

Amen, son of a preacher. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can't be saved...... but men still vote on mass for the very system that is doing this...... thus men are actively screwing themselves over and getting what they asked for (yet hate).

Tucanae Services said...

Let me flip this post around a bit. It might have more impact to the uninitiated.

"Prepare for yourself first, before you tend to others."


"Clean your room."

The latter notation attributed to Jordan Peterson. The fact is, if you don't have your act together don't go and try to save someone else. You will probably fail in the attempt and that certainly applies to women.

Now do women need help? 90% of them do. (The 10% who can function are a marvel of efficiency surpassing most men. But they are few.) The trick I found is finding that woman who is willing to trade some independence so as to improve her life/stress in exchange for skills she possesses. But that is a problem too, few women have skills, other than sex which is really not a skill, that most men would trade for to take up the task of managing her.

Anonymous said...

you won't change the world:this world is 'hopeless of humans'.

Albert said...

If you're looking to breed, on the grounds that the future belongs to the children of those who have them and then raise them well, don't try to educate women. Instead, filter for the good ones.

Go on a date where you each get a bag and a gripping rod, then see if she actually picks up litter. Wash a window with each of you on opposite sides, then see how she reacts to being proved wrong on spots that she was _certain_ were on your side. Ask which Dimocrat candidate she prefers (the correct answer being "none of them, for they are all commie-scum"; 'the one that Trump can easily beat' being an acceptable alternate answer). Go hiking for a few miles together in fresh air to see how she handles a mild degree of hardship/exertion. Cook a meal together to assess her homemaking skills/willingness. Eat out at a place where waiters or waitresses serve you to see how she treats 'the help'. Ask her to help you balance a checkbook and let her do the heavy lifting, to see if she's competent _or_ if she's humble enough to value your leadership, depending. Together, watch one of several movies with a resting-bitch-face Mary Sue who is lauded by the script for being wahman, then bring the Sue up in post-movie discussion and see whether your date thinks she's inspiring or a horrible example for impressionable women to follow. Ask her opinion of Twilight.

Simple stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Because most men buy into the lies of "female empowerment" as they think it will score them pussy by doing so. Men SHOULD stop supporting a system that, in the Western world, makes women ultimately miserable and men as legal second class citizens, but they will continue do so because they believe the lies that as long as they do whatever a woman wants, that is their sole purpose for living. Hence all the blind hate for MGTOW and anti feminist gay men.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I've come up with a simple solution to helping people. If I see someone struggling or if they come to me, and I know how to fix their problem, I give them two pieces of advice I know will work and are relatively easy to do. The next time they start whining I ask if they've done any one of the things I advised. If they say 'no' then I write them off as people who want to play victim rather than solve their problems. Twice though, the reaction was 'the stuff you told me worked, now what should I do?' Both were men who had relationships blow up, and both are now doing ok.
I never had a woman do anything other than play victim. The good thing is that they stop whining to me about their problems when I say that their life sucks because they make bad choices and like drama. I use the two pieces of advice I gave them that they ignored as exhibit [a] and [b].