Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hundreds of Journalist Are Being Laid Off, Right When the Public Needs Them the Most

Dear Journalists and Journalism Majors,

In light of the recent layoffs in your "profession" I think you need to know where your place in this world is, especially given the state of journalism these past few decades.

You are completely unnecessary. 
You are not "critical" to the economy, let alone society.
The vast majority of you are lazy adult children who didn't want to try hard in college, but had the added flaw of being arrogant enough at 17 years of age to think you knew better AND other people should listen to you.
You are propagandists.
Political pawns.
Yellow journalists.
Brown journalists.
The scum of the Earth.

The average citizen with the freedom of speech and an internet connect is a drastically superior journalist, as well as human being to you.

Please FOAD.  You offer nothing of value to society.  You are worthless human beings.


People with Real Jobs Who Work for a Living


Un Americano said...

"Hundreds of Propagandists Are Being Laid Off, Right When the Proles Need Them the Most"

Anonymous said...

best lead in of the day. I laughed out loud when I read it.

Tucanae Services said...

They were told there would be no math in their profession. Too bad they lied:

$50/hr x 0hrs == $0 pay.

I believe there was a wise sage that once said -- "Learn to program."

Oswald Spengler said...

"Just learn to code, bro."

A Texan said...

I guess they could 'learn to landscape', but few are qualified to mow a lawn unsupervised.

Anonymous said...

That are all fake news..

LordSomber said...

They could help providing the fertilizer though.