Monday, March 30, 2020

What I Learned from the Lingerie Clearance Rack

Barely awake and quite groggy, the current girl I'm dating the night before had sent me a link to one of her favorite lingerie stores where there was a Corona-inspired clearance sale.  Perhaps aiming to take advantage of the stay-where-you-are quarantine, this lingerie store was hoping people would get frisky instead of divorced.

But while clicking on the options/colors drop down menu I noticed a very PAINFULLY CLEAR fact - the only lingerie that was on discount was for small and petite sizes.

If you were a...ahem..."heftier" woman you were plain out of luck.  The only lingerie they had in stock was small and petite.  But while this boded well for svelte women who kept themselves in shape,  this was just another snowflake on the avalanche of anecdotal evidence of the decay and decline of women's physique and femininity. 

I charter companies and the marketing departments therein with the knowledge that they know their market.  Shapes, sizes, trends, fads.  But when a specialized company in a specialized industry orders too many small/petite sizes, that it has a glut, the reality on the ground is even worse that what it is in the marketing meetings. 

And I get it.  Food is ample.  Everybody (men as well) is getting obese.  Beauty at any size.  And who wants to work out?  Besides, working out is submitting yourself to somebody else.


And I guess I'm also too exhausted to care to point out, yet once again, the sky is blue, water is wet, and there is no damn physical inspiration in the population anymore.  Lingerie - the presumed artistry that is reserved for pretty canvases - has now lost all point and purpose.  Scratch yet another thing to inspire, prompt, and invigorate men.  If you need to find one, you'll find them further ensconcing themselves in their parents' basements playing video games.


Red Pill Wisdom said...

Isn't it interesting how the words "heifer" and "heftier" sound a lot alike?

Bootstrapper said...

"he only lingerie they had in stock was small and petite." Would that be because only "petite" women look really good in lingerie?

Anonymous said...

If the said lingerie business was marketing towards obese woman, the name of their store would be called Lazy Fat Cunt Fashions and their mascot would be Miss Piggy.

Anonymous said...

Link to the store?