Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Coronachan Prayer

Dear Great and Merciful Coronachan,

Thank you for your non-sentient and zero-fucks given truth.
The teeth in threats that have been missing so much in the real world, that are yet necessary for us to value life, acknowledge truth, and love our fellow man.
May your nature continue to expose the evil and parasitic among us,
The lazy and those that put themselves above all others,
Our slave masters who have kept us enslaved,
Teachers who can be replaced by YouTube,
And the stupid and unprepared who riot for toilet paper, when there is none.
Bless us, oh Great Coronachan, and reward us, specifically those of us who were smart enough to have a 1 month supply of toilet paper and who stocked up on .556 ammo as a matter of basic insurance policy.
And may thine blessing come in the form of lower asset prices, less Boomers, less traffic,
cheap gas, and near free airline flights.

In thine name
Wuhan Wuhan




Anonymous said...

Captain, Sir, that's "5.56"; if you want a decimal in the front the rough equivalent in English-speak is ".223".

Anonymous said...

Less boomers...that would mean millennials would be a more dominant voting bloc. You sure you want that?

The Plague Doctor said...

Wuhan! (Got You All Infected)

Un Americano said...

Saint Clarey, the patron saint of the perpetually angry and those who have been let down by their 'fellow' man.

TwoDogs said...

Boomers are the only hope for keeping the fucking Socialists at bay.