Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It's Too Late to "Finish Your Education"

Working on my next project and in my research came across this gem.

Millennials' #2 concern is "finishing their education."


Dude, you are 40% DEAD!  Your youth is ENTIRELY GONE!  When the fuck do you call it quits, admit school has been a scam, get a fucking job, and start living life.  You've been in school for A QUARTER FUCKING CENTURY and you're STILL FINISHING EDUCATION??????

Future leaders my ass.


Robert What? said...

The Idiocracy is far closer than we realize.

Roger Browne said...

How ironic that cappy is saying it's never too late to finish "you're" ("You Are") education!

Anonymous said...

"Follow my dreams" above getting married. "START" a career way above marriage.

Train wreck.

By: James DePrisco, the voice of generation X.

Mr Deeds said...

Barely over 20% want to be a parent. Having issue (children) is literally our biological imperative as a species and 4/5th's don't want that.

More would rather travel and take instagram photos at Machu Picchu, Santorini, or with Thai Elephants and pretend like they are the first people in the world to do such things.

Anonymous said...

Millennials' want to finish their education because they screw themselves in the real world when their undergrad degree did not guarantee a 6 figure job. Going back to school is a safety blanket against the harsh real world. I am almost 30 and not much sure anymore if I want to go back to school to get more debt for a Master in Counseling. I rather work some crappy jobs, save money, invest money, and have a frugal lifestyle off the grid once I reach my 50s.