Friday, March 27, 2020

What Every Gen Z Woman Must Learn from Millennial Women

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  Of it's many intents, one of the primary ones is to use older generations (namely, the Millennials) to serve as a warning to younger, future generations on how to avoid becoming like them.  And while it focuses on things like finances, avoiding stupid degrees, avoiding stupid religions/ideologies, etc., this particular excerpt focuses on young women and how they are targeted by society.

The problem in trying to warn young women is that they are impervious to bad news, no matter how reasoned or real.  And the reason why is society tells them lies that are just much much MUCH sweeter tasting than truth.  So even though they are about to walk into a trap and end up lonely and miserable like their Gen X and Millennial sisters, the lies they've been told are too sweet, too many, and too consistent for them to WANT to believe anything else.

But for what handful of young women are open-minded enough to read this excerpt, I merely ask you to read through the bolded part below which I surmise will compel you to read the rest.  You needn't real the whole thing, just the bolded part at the beginning.  And if that doesn't convince you or that this is just an old foolish man who doesn't know what he's talking about, fine.  You may dismiss this article for what it is and continue on your merry way to a liberal arts college.

But for the few of you who do realize the threats to your future are real and are described in detail below, I strongly recommend you buy and read the whole book as young women ARE being set up like cattle to the slaughter.  They are being scammed.  They are being drained of all their youth, time, beauty, and money.  And it is most definitely in your best interests to be aware of the people who are trying to ruin your life.

Thank you for your open-mindedness and critical thinking.

There’s just one minor problem. 

Believing you’re a victim when you’re not or thinking your gender has some kind of intrinsic value when it doesn’t are both living lies.  And there’s an entire industry only more than happy to indulge women in these beliefs.  We already addressed this industry as the “Lying Industrial Complex.”  But within this overall industry are companies, governments, institutions, and other entities that just focus on selling lies to women, resulting in a metaphorical “Vagina Industrial Complex.”  And there’s a good reason they focus on women.  They are the single biggest market for lies.

Women make up half the population.  They end up with most of the wealth when their husbands die.  They account for 58% of college students.  They either make or influence 75% of consumer spending.  They make up half the voting population.  And the other half desperately wants them.  But above all else, they are the biggest consumer of lies buying anything from “big is beautiful” to Harlequin romance novels to push-up bras to liberal arts degrees.  And if you can convince them they’re both oppressed and have value simply because of their plumbing, they will pay you a pretty price.

Any by “pretty price” I mean “everything they have in life.”

Here, young women really need to pay attention, especially if they wish to avoid the fate of their Millennial and Gen X sisters.  Because while it may look like this entire world was built for them, with every institution in American cheering and encouraging women on, the opposite in fact is often true.  Nearly every institution that claims to be on “Team Woman” is usually trying to extract as much money out of women as possible.  Every entity that claims to want to help “the plight of women” is usually trying to make a buck in the process.  Thus, many young American women would do themselves an incredible financial service if they viewed themselves as being sent down an assembly line.  But instead of being built up like a car, they are being slowly stripped away of all their time, money, value, and worth, leaving them with nothing in life.  And harsh as that may sound, it’s true.

Starting at the age of five the “Vagina Industrial Complex” wastes no time grooming young girls into becoming livestock they can butcher later. They immediately start laying down an incredible infrastructure where young girls are indoctrinated to think they have value - while at the same time are being oppressed - because they have a vagina.  This brainwashing/infrastructure also critically forces these girls to put their educations and careers first in life, ahead of all other things, especially love.  Closely related, young girls are then told they do not need men, and are once again instilled with the “competitors at best, enemies at worst” view of men.  These young girls are also programmed to believe “they can have it all” including things like winning the “Dream Job Lottery” and “following your heart and the money will follow” type of propaganda, entrenching entitlement in their minds.  And so what may have started out as an innocent little five year old girl, is now a completely programmed automaton at 18 that is going to go to serve the “Vagina Industrial Complex” for the rest of her life. 

This is made very clear by the very first action most women take in their adult lives – they go into unrepayable levels of debt so they can enjoy “The College Experience.”

This is such a critical point in young women’s lives because it not only sets the tone for the rest of their days, but makes it very clear that their role in life is to be a slave to “The Vagina Industrial Complex.”  These poor girls don’t even have a penny saved up, yet their first action is to borrow $150,000 and give it to The Vagina Industrial Complex via its Big Education subsidiary.  And in exchange the majority of these poor girls are given a worthless piece of paper that offers no hope in helping them ever pay off their debts.  It will take at least until they are 35 to get out of this financial hole they dug for themselves.  But the professors and college admin within The Vagina Industrial Complex don’t care, as they have already made off with the money. 

But duping young, naïve women out of $150,000 fresh out of the gate is only one of the intended goals of The Vagina Industrial Complex.  They have an ulterior and secondary motive in making women (and men) financially destitute, as well as unskilled.  Because being talentless and financially crippled makes you desperate.  And being desperate makes you willing to work for lower wages.  This benefits the next institution young women will face within The Vagina Industrial Complex - employers. 

Employers love desperate, financially crippled employees because beggars can’t be choosers.  Employers can get away with paying financially desperate people a lower wage than somebody with a degree in engineering who has four offers on the table.  This increases their profits by trillions and is one of several reasons median wages have remained stagnant in the past 40 years.  It is also one of the main reasons the wage gap exists.  You might ask, “Well wouldn’t women return to school to get a good degree or a trade?” But remember, The Vagina Industrial Complex has thoroughly sold women on the lie they’re being oppressed and discriminated against, not that they chose a poor field.  Furthermore, they also sold women on the lie they’re entitled to work in a field they’re “passionate about.”  These two lies damn women to slave away at sub-par wages for decades, often times their entire lives, cumulatively providing trillions in lower labor costs to the corporate sector of The Vagina Industrial Complex.

Still, corporations aren’t done sucking the blood out of women yet because even though women may be drowning in debt, that doesn’t mean they can’t be squeezed for even more.  Women do make money.  They do have salaries.  Plus the banking sector within The Vagina Industrial Complex is nothing but eager to lend these women money at very profitable rates on those salaries.  All of which can be spent on consumer spending, further increasing corporate profits.  And who cares if this additional debt enslaves women for the rest of their lives?  According to their programming they were entitled to “have it all.”  And besides, “YOLOammirite?”

Here you really have to applaud the corporate sector within The Vagina Industrial Complex for just what a brilliant job they’ve done convincing young women to part with their money.  Prada handbags, Jimmy Chew shoes, expensive uptown flats, $12 flirtinis, master’s degrees.  They’ve done a masterful job marketing a lifestyle that manages to squeeze every possible dime out of a woman’s salary, and more when she borrows at 24% APR on her credit card.  But what this effectively does is merely extend the time women are enslaved to The Vagina Industrial Complex through debt. If women really wanted to, they could work two jobs, live at home, and have their student loans easily paid off before they turn 27.  But if that happened they wouldn’t be paying billions in interest on debts they wouldn’t have.  Furthermore, they might discover frugality and fiscal discipline, which would be a death knell to the corporate sector.  The Vagina Industrial Complex needs girls perpetually behind the financial 8 ball buying SUV’s, “this year’s clothes,” fancy dinners, nights on the town, and master’s degrees, because if they don’t then “Tina” might have a nicer hangbag than “Amy” and “Madison” will have her master’s degree while “Ashley” doesn’t!  And we just can’t have that now can we?

Then there is the sad issue of timing.  By the time a young woman is in her mid-to-late 20’s she will have been a slave to The Vagina Industrial Complex for quite some time and will have the debts to show for it.  She will have a car loan, student loans, more student loans (from the master’s degree of course), and a significant amount of credit card debt.  But none of this changes biology.  Women will inevitably want to get married and have kids.  But being so in debt, having invested so much in their career and education, and being told those were the most important things in life, many women will be neither able or willing to be a mom or a wife. 

But do not fear, another sector within The Vagina Industrial Complex is here to help. The government.

The government loves indebted women on multiple levels.  Socialist parties within the western world love indebted women because they reliably vote for larger government.  The government loves indebted women because they have to work to pay for all their spending.  In this case the government gets a twofer because they get to tax all the money women make via income taxes, but also get to tax all the money women spend via sales taxes.  There is no better friend to the government than an individual who is in debt and lives paycheck to paycheck.  But there is a third and more clandestine reason the government loves indebted women, especially those successfully indoctrinated by The Vagina Industrial Complex – should they have kids they outsource motherhood to the government.

Women are already on the financial ropes by the time they reach their late 20’s that they simply do not have the time to raise their own children.  And since they were successfully convinced their career and education was more important than their children, they don’t even think twice about outsourcing their children to daycare.  But in doing so mothers set forth a chain of events that greatly benefit the government at the expense of, well, all of us.

First, if you’re not going to raise your own children then you’re going to have to pay someone else to.  This merely makes motherhood a taxable activity now that a transaction has been made to pay a daycare operator or nanny to be the mom for you.  If a mom (or dad) stays at home, makes their kids lunch, or changes a diaper, that is a free (though inglorious) labor of love that is not taxable.  But if you pay a third party to do the same, that transaction is taxable and the government very much appreciates that revenue.

Second, in outsourcing motherhood, you are still plugged into The Matrix, providing your employer labor at subpar wages and paying taxes to the government.  Nothing was saved in outsourcing your children, no efficiency was gained.  You just had to pay more money to daycare so you could continue to have “the privilege” to work and pay taxes.  You are still just as enslaved to the government and employer sectors of The Vagina Industrial Complex as you were before, even more so now that you have to scratch up the funds to pay for daycare.

Third, daycare provides a wonderful political football for politicians.  Even though your children are not other people’s responsibility, socialist politicians can easily bribe parents to vote for them by offering “free” government daycare.  Governments can also offer what is in essence government daycare in the form of “preschool” or “pre-K” type programs, which once again, only generates more revenue for the state.

Fourth, with a captive audience of abandoned children, the government has no problems getting an early start on indoctrinating those young children with the same pro-government propaganda they did you. Socialist parties have absolutely no moral qualms about brainwashing young children into socialist politics because it is critical to their long term political survival.  If they can get children predisposed to believe the lies of “they can have it all” and their own political religion, they will have a generation of voters for life.  Remember, none of this money-making racket would have been possible if you yourself weren’t duped into thinking you could have it all, “arbeit uber alles,” career/education > children, and “you can’t put a price on education.”     

Finally, given how expensive daycare is, an estimated 30-50% of mothers (depending on the statistics you want to use) would come out financially ahead if they decided to quit their jobs today and raise their own children.  In other words, a third to half of mothers today are working for no damn reason, except perhaps the programming they received to robotically pursue a career.  Of course, The Vagina Industrial Complex is not going to tout those figures, as they’d lose half their slave labor, but they may not have to as they’ve done such a brilliant job convincing people their careers come first and at the expense of everything else.

When it’s all said and done, the mere act of outsourcing your children comes at a high price. It submits them to the same indoctrination and programming you received as a child, arguably condemning them to the same slavery you endured under The Vagina Industrial Complex.  It estranges children from their parents, leading to many of the same mental problems plaguing Millennials today.  But the real price paid is that you don’t get to raise your children.  You don’t get to enjoy motherhood.  You had children.  But you were never a mother.

Admittedly, it’s debatable as to whether “deep down inside” mothers today love their children more than their careers.  And we can go into the academic debate about how actions are all that matters as that is the effective reality their children get to face.  But though anecdotal, I think the truth can be found when you get women at a rare moment of both honesty and inebriation.  Where they inevitably confess that “deep down inside” they wanted nothing more than to stay at home and raise children.  Because you never hear the opposite from an inebriated stay at home mom saying all she wanted in life was “to work a corporate gig, commute, and pay taxes.”  Regardless, the point is moot in that a decision has already been made.

The last stop on “The Vagina Industrial Complex Express” is one made possible by advances in medical technology.  With millions of Gen X and Millennial women committing themselves to their careers, many simply haven’t had the time to find “Mr. Right” and start a family.  Besides, with increasing demands for advanced degrees and the student debt that comes with it, most young women today don’t really hit their stride until they’re in their 30’s.  Unfortunately, this forces women into a race against their biological clock as they stare down menopause and complicated pregnancies just a short decade away.  But there is a solution allowing women to continue their career until they finally find Mr. Right without having to worry about menopause.  They can freeze their eggs.

Demand for freezing eggs has skyrocketed as it’s become an option for women for whom the time or the man is not right.  Year over year growth in the $4 billion industry is estimated to be at 25%.  Some of the more progressive employers offer it as a benefit for their female employees.  And it’s become so popular among some women there are even “egg freezing parties.”  But just like everything else promised by The Vagina Industrial Complex, there is a lie embedded within.

If you have become so desperate that you need to freeze your eggs, it may in fact already be too late.  Since the process of freezing eggs is in its earlier stages of development, it is fraught with problems, making it more of a lottery ticket than an insurance policy.  Only 4-14% of eggs end up in a live birth.  Half the eggs don’t survive the thawing process.   Each egg only lasts 5-10 years.  The quality of your eggs varies depending on your age.  Even risks unrelated to health play a role as two major egg banks malfunctioned, destroying all the eggs in the banks.  And while this industry is still evolving (and thus these statistics will change), the best statistics today show only 1 in 5 women who froze their eggs ended up becoming a mother.

This misleads many young women into thinking they have some kind of nuclear option where they can have a kid anytime at any age.  That they can “just freeze their eggs” and they’ve somehow cheated biology.  When in reality having the option to freeze your eggs lulls women into having a false sense of security, making them lackadaisical when it comes to finding a man and starting a family.  And all of that is on the shaky back of something that only has a 20% chance of success. 

But what’s even worse about the ability to freeze one’s eggs is that it glosses over the question - how did society get so desperate we’re starting to bump into the hard limits of human biology?  Isn’t there something wrong with our society when our economic, labor, and social policies are no longer conducive to human nature? Isn’t nature trying to tell us something?  And are we forever going to rely on medical technology to bail us out of these decisions?

The truth is this.

Women are best suited biologically to have children in their late teens and early 20’s.  And if they want to have children they better dedicate a significant percent of their time vetting quality men for being potential suitors, not getting “Master’s Degrees in Gender Studies.”  They also better capitalize on their youth and beauty to attract a man as that is the number one thing men look for in a woman, whether you like it or not.  And all of the 30/40/50 something women today who froze their eggs and are punting that “someday” they’ll find their own George Clooney have wasted their time, youth, and beauty.  They are statistically unlikely to find the love of their life.  It’s statistically over for them.  This is why 50% of women who inevitably do retrieve their eggs to get pregnant do so solo as they couldn’t find any man who wanted them.

Naturally, none of that plays well with the official narrative of The Vagina Industrial Complex (no matter how true it is).  And naturally, The Vagina Industrial Complex will continue to promote the “freedom and equality” that comes with having one’s eggs frozen.  But remember this.  As you’re forking over the $32,000 for two rounds of egg extraction and the $1,000 a month in storage costs it takes to store your eggs, there’s only a 1 in 5 chance you will have a kid and thus “have it all.”  Had you just put humans first in life instead of your career, you actually could have had it all.

“The Husk”

Once the Vagina Industrial Complex is done extracting all of your youth, money, time, and labor out of you, it no longer has any use for you.  You paid for a worthless college degree (and thrice its price in interest) all so you could enrich Big Education.  You slaved your entire life away for a corporation all so you could enrich Corporate America and the government.  You spent all your money on shoes, travel, and handbags (and once again thrice its price in interest) enriching the banks.  You outsourced your children, further enriching the government and ensuring a future generation of children would be equally duped.  And if you didn’t have children, you spent one last final $50,000 on a 20% chance you’d end up with a child, with only a 50% chance they’d have a father around.  After that at best you’ll have a good career, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But without other humans in your life you will end up like everybody else does in life - old, unattractive, lonely, and nobody wanting anything to do with you anymore. Only your country’s socialist party might pay you a visit in the hopes to bribe you to vote for them with other people’s money.  But beyond that you have no point or purpose.  This is the result of playing the gender victimhood racket.  This is the terminus of placing ultimate value in a trait you were born with and not other humans.  In thinking you could “have it all” you ended up with nothing.

Young women today need to look at their “true believer” Millennial, Gen X, and even Baby Boomer sisters and ask themselves two very important questions.  One philosophical and the other practical.

Philosophically, do you really think gender has any value?  That a trait you were born with somehow holds intrinsic value?  And if you have this gender is it morally right of you to claim to be a victim because of it?  That you are entitled to things and other people’s money because of a trait you were born with?  Or should it be who you are, what you do, and what you accomplish in life that determines the quality and caliber of a person you are?

Practically, is there any advantage in placing value in one’s gender?  And is there any advantage in playing the gender victimhood racket?  If debt-laden, impoverished Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer women are any indication, and the true believers and followers of The Vagina Industrial Complex are any proof, placing value in your gender is a recipe for disaster.  It’s a guaranteed way to destroy your life and end it in loneliness and misery.  Admittedly, as a young person it’s hard to have the independent thought and critical thinking skills to counter the complete and total brainwashing everybody receives in school.  The K-college education system will do everything in its power to convince you to place value on your gender and to claim you’re a victim.  But younger generations of women really need to look at the depleted husks of feminist Gen X, Boomer, and soon-to-be Millennial women and ask themselves if they want to go down that path and end up the same.


john smith said...

The Red Pill on steroids! Brilliant, brutal truth.

I live alone way out in the boonies far from the Covid-19 unfolding disaster in a 1,500 SF, 3-bedromm, 2-bath home. I have no children but I do have three nephews. The oldest has as close to a traditional marriage as possible in 21st century America. He has two sons. His wife is a wonderful mother and quite possibly the only woman on the planet i have any respect for.

The middle nephew recently married a pussy hat wearing feminist employed by a law firm. His upcoming future divorce rape is so obvious a blind man can see it coming.

The youngest nephew maried a Chinese woman six years ago. Supposedly, they are trying to have a child. He may be but I'm betting she isn't. Money is much more important to her. I'm also betting she is on the pill behind his back.

The oldest nephew called me last night. There are Covid-19 cases in his neighborhood. I told him if the major city where he lives becomes unlivable he and his family are welcomed here in the boonies far from disease and civil insanity. He is prepped for that in case it comes. Fuel tanks always topped off, supplies loaded, guns and ammo at the ready, etc.

He asked me about his brothers. I told him they could come here but as far as I was concerned their money grubbing feminist wives could freeze and starve in the dark. After all, they "don't need no man". Well guess what ladies? This man don't need you either and your vagina does not change that fact.

Times are going to get hard, very hard. The silver lining is that feminism will die along with the economy. Women will suddenly become docile and submissive to men with resources and the ability to survive. Don't fall for it. She will stab you in back for your last dime or last can of beans on the shelf.

The excesses of 3rd and now 4th wave feminism have shown the true colors of women. Women are biologically wired not to give a tinker's damn about men. They never have and never will. This is the brutal, cold, hard truth.

As Cappy says, enjoy the decline. Let the modern American female freeze and starve alone in the dark in the bed she made for herself. The chickens are coming home to roost. Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe one percent of Gen Z women will read this at best. Most women only read Cosmo magazine and facebook/twitter/Instagram/Tinder posts. Being introspective and planning for the future is not in women's hardwiring.

Tucanae Services said...

Damn that is an excellent piece of writing. I would only quibble on when and where the 'gender has value' process began.

When was in my generation, Boomers. We were conned into the whole Sweet Sixteen malarkey.

Where was Dear ole papa who lived thru the Depression saw fit that his princess daughter never wanted for anything. Now I don't fault the ole boy for caring but he should not have ignored his wife observing he was spoiling the girl.

The saving grace if there is one, is my male peers and I lived thru Feminism 1.0. Its singular purpose was principally equal opportunity for women. At that stage it was pretty innocuous and did not carry the PC/Woke mantra of today. But we all know the parable of the camels nose and the tent... Most of us Boomers are in the 55-75 age range. I see Boomer women all the time. A good percentage are bitter.

The biggest fault my generation fell for was the 'you can have it all' from Madison Ave. We fell for it hard. Now you see the results, most Boomers will end up wards of the State.

Anonymous said...

Gen Z woman here, I really hope more women of my generation start seeing through the lies we have been fed our entire lives. I'm so glad I found Aaron's videos on youtube almost three years ago now. I've also introduced other girls to Aaron's videos and books.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and I think, accurate. I have grown to dislike the female gender over the years. I thought feminism was kinda cute back in the 'burn your bra' days. Feminism may have been well-intended, early on, but it quickly morphed into victimhood, imagined oppression, man-hate, bitterness etc.

Back in the 60s and 70sI observed the divorce rate go through the roof once millions of women had their own incomes and no longer relied on their husbands for support. That led to half the children in America being raised by a bitter woman and occasional 'step-dad' with it's horrors.

Regarding gender value ... I value being a 'guy' if for only that I can lift heavy objects and reach the top shelf. I can go out for a walk at night without being afraid.

I learned to cook and iron my own shirts when I was a kid ... Many men marry and take all sorts of shit because they need a mommy... I have no such problem. I married a conservative woman. We both bring something to the table starting with login and reason.

Women are their own worst enemies second only their own feminist enemies.

Bill said...

Almost makes you feel bad for them.


Anonymous said...

This article is obviously right up your alley, but I wanted to show it to talk about the incredibly attractive 23 year old Ohio chick who LIVES IN A TRAILER. And now she lost her job (waitress). What does she turn to?

"She has since made some money by selling pictures of her feet to people with fetishes who found her online after she put a joking post on Twitter."


Alex said...

Convincing women is pointless.