Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The Older Brother Podcast - The "Remain Happy at All Costs" Episode

Stoicism, anger, and rage.
No, there are no smart intelligent men to be friends with near you.
Tax season.

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Weak Stream said...

Plenty of intelligent friends near you...but the catch is that they are a statistically insignificant number. So you will never happen to meet them. The biggest impediment to quality friendship has to do with consumerism. The hallmarks of consumerism are disinterest and the need for greater levels of convenience. One is a laziness of the body and the other is a laziness of the mind. Both lead to mindless conversation. To screen out bad people you need some rules in order to avoid the opportunity cost associated with dealing with useless people. Acid testing people quickly for the purpose of dismissal is very important. I also have no friends... So I have an idea. Create a sort of league of 'Extraordinary Gentlemen'. In this club you will have to prove that your interests are serious and not consumery nonsense. I can make up a rulebook. What say you, Cappy?