Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Two Episodes of The Clarey Podcast!

With The Great and Merciful Coronachan keeping us all at home Cappy did two podcasts to keep you all entertained.

Episode #320 The "Quarantined" Episode
Episode #321 The "Teachers Aren't Shit" Episode

Sound cloud is also being extra cunty with requiring people to login into Facebook to get the MP3's.  I'll need to use my old MS Explorer browser to get those files because Big Tech fucking sucks.  In the meantime, just stream them on Soundcloud.


Bill said...

All hail Clarey!

heresolong said...

Just listened to Older Brother from Sunday. You were wondering why students can't just learn online. Might want to look up equity of access. Here's a quick link.

We have been told that we can't provide services online if all students can't access those services. I was literally told that I can't offer online office hours to my high school students for the sole purpose of answering their questions unless there is an alternative method for students without internet to get hold of me to ask their questions.