Saturday, September 05, 2020

Achieving Minimalism Seminar

Hello Lieutenants and Economists,

After having some kind friends and colleagues take my seminar and give it the once over, I will be officially launching "Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice - The Secret to Happiness and Success in Life."  I made some minor changes, but the price has been somewhat reduced from $599 to $499 as it was actually quite universally agreed the material within the course was absolutely worth the money.  

As I've stated before, this seminar is NOT LIKELY to be of any value to those of you who are regular consumers of my content or veteran readers of my books.  And it's certainly won't be of any value to those of you who spend less than you make, have your financial act together, and have your debts paid off.  However, if you are relatively new to my channel/site/podcast/etc., and don't have the time to sift through the thousands of posts and podcasts I've done, this seminar may be of value to you.  Additionally, if you're the type of person who just can't stop spending more than you make, this class is definitely for you and definitely worth the price.  So while $499 is a steep price, so is going into debt, never saving money for retirement, and filing for bankruptcy.  Just sit and think about it for a bit.  Is it worth $499 today to stop spending more than you make for the rest of your life?

Registration for the class will begin on September 25th and end September 30th.  Those of you who sign up will have 45 days to complete the class.  There are no refunds.  I strongly recommend you take notes, though there is a Power Point presentation that comes along with it that should suffice.

I will make an announcement on all my channels/sites when registration is open.  If you want me to notify you via e-mail, e-mail me here and let me know -




Anonymous said...

Holding out for a sale... my pain point is $99.

Jennifer said...

You can get a lot info for free at the library and online.