Monday, September 07, 2020

What Economists Do in a Pinch

So it's harkening back to the 1980's where there was no internet and thus you actually either had to go and look up microfiche or compile your own data when doing research.  Well...the internet doesn't have the data I'm looking for.  And the HELL if I'm going to the library to look at microfiche.  Time to dust off the ole economist skills in me and get some polling data.

Your participation and sharing is appreciated:


Unknown said...

Supposedly, the avg is 6. It all stems back to a research paper done as a result of The Rosie Project.

JC said...

38 +/- 5% best guess of women I've dated. Married Once. M. Dating split in numbers before and after marriage is about 50/50

Unknown said...

Hey Cappy,

Here is your data from me.

1. Male
2. Dated 3 women in my life
3. Married 1x and currently divorced

Anonymous said...

10 women dated, 2 marriages, male

Shannon_Entropy said...

As an economist you should realize that when it comes to men & dating, the Pareto Principle applies i.e. 20% of men do 80% of the "dating" and have a notch count in the dozens if not hundreds; while 80% of men prolly marry the first gal who'll go out with them

Since there's no binomial distribution here, collecting data even anecdotally like you are will never lead to any statistically significant numbers

Anonymous said...

Much like their banker ilk, they pull the numbers out of thin air and just make a large amount of plausible sounding bullshit as they go.

Anonymous said...

Married once