Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Why Large American Organizations Are No Longer Possible

As I get older I start to see society more as a machine with millions of moving parts.  Be it getting gas, buying a sub sandwich, taking a class, or just driving down the road, all of these things require millions of moving parts in the form of humans to do their job and do it well for these things to come into existence.  But also as I have aged, I have realized that this "machine of society" is not operating as efficiently as it once did.  Traffic is getting slower not because of a lack of roads, but because each individual is a much lower quality driver.  I have to send mail certified because of an increasing number of times the mail simply wasn't delivered.  Banking errors have increased at my bank for a myriad of reasons.  And of course many of you are familiar with my "Wyoming 3" where the sandwich artist at the Casper Subway shop will screw up your order twice in order to get it right the third time.

This has done nothing short of piss me off as I do not control the world and the people around me.  I am hopelessly dependent upon the individual people of the world to do their job in order for me to enjoy a certain standard of living. And so as the individual unit of society (humans) gets dumber, slower, lazier, and less competent, so too does my standard of living decay.

But if you think it is bad now, just wait until a "new and improved" generation of humans are released into society.  Because while Americans are indeed getting dumber, slower, and less competent, this "new and improved" generation of Americans have the added "special bonus" of one thing and one thing only - being psychotic.  And you cannot live in a society that is psychotic.

By "psychotic" I do not mean grabbing knives and stabbing people or setting buildings on fire (that would be Minneapolis democrats).  But a mental illness of sorts that prevents people from functioning normally within society.  And we're not talking one of the designer mental illnesses Millennials claim to have to garner special treatment, but one purposely and intentionally programmed into their minds starting in kindergarten - dysfunctional politics.

By "dysfunctional politics" I do not mean communism or nazism where the political system doesn't work and fails the society it's intended to serve/support.  I'm talking about a religion, an ideology, a mental conditioning that is programmed into a generation of young people's minds which renders them dysfunctional, incompetent, and incapable beyond their modern day counterparts.  And whereas laziness, sloth, or a lack of work ethic plagues the current-day schleps getting my subway order wrong or driving slow in the left lane, it is the "dysfunctional politics" of entitlement, identity politics, race/sex/gender-obsession, virtue-signaling, and above all else - "snowflakism" that renders this latest generation completely worthless as functioning units of society.

For example, take the Ellen Degeneres Show.

I do not personally watch The Ellen Degeneres Show, but there is no doubt the value, production, and service Ms. Degeneres has provided millions of American women...and gay men.  Her show has been on the air for 20 years and if you consider the number of people she has employed, the hundreds of millions, arguably billions of people she's entertained, not to mention the additional economic production in terms of advertisers, sponsors, video equipment, fashion firms, etc., this woman has contributed easily BILLIONS of dollars worth of production to society.

But whereas Ellen may be a hard-working, functional adult, not everybody in her organization is.  And while not everybody has to be a work-a-holic entrepreneur within the Ellen Degeneres Show machine, all it took was an allegation of sexual harassment and a toxic work environment to bring this machine to a screeching halt. 

Now keep in mind this was 36 separate people making an accusation against three individuals within the Ellen Degeneres Machine.  And also keep in mind, if true, people should not be sexually harassing anyone at anytime at a work environment.  But instead of taking this up quietly with HR or Ellen herself, a big kerfuffle had to be made about it, necessitating the shut down.  And while I do not have any proof (nor could I ever) I would bet $1,000 that these 36 people are of the snowflake variety, and instead of being stoic and controlled about it, were conditioned to be professional victims, hype over the drama, claim victimhood more than their was pain, and thus make the production of The Ellen Degeneres Show untenable.  

Another example is an entire university being shut down over a tweet.

That's right, a tweet.

One Jaden McNeil (also a young idiot) tweeted out "Congratulations to George Floyd for being drug free for a month."  This begat howls and cries of racism within the University of Kansas, where McNeil intends to study.  But not just howls and cries, but students saying they refuse to attend KU unless this individual was dealt with, but also the entire college football team boycotting the season if Mr. McNeil was not kicked out of KU.

Again, what Jaden McNeil did was wrong and idiotic.  But the mental illness caused by the dysfunctional politics of the entire KU football team, as well as who knows what percent of the student body, is so entrenched and so powerful, these people will sacrifice their own athletic and educational careers over an idiotic tweet.  They are so mentally pampered, so mentally delusional, they actually think in a world of 7 billion people, there isn't going to be some idiot saying something idiotic, and if there is, BY GOD SHUT DOWN THE UNIVERSITY.

And then there is the case of Joel Kaplan.

Joel Kaplan was a vice president of one of Facebook's many divisions.  He was (still is) a family friend of Brett Kavanaugh.  During Mr. Kavanaugh's heresay hearings about sexually assaulting Blasey-Ford in during the Taft administration, some Facebook employees saw Joel Kaplan sitting in the courtroom during these hearings.  Upon finding out he was there in support of Mr. Kavanaugh, some Facebook employees took to the internet to discuss their disgust that Mr. Kaplan was supporting an obvious rapist and how he should be fired and they would walk out on Facebook, etc. etc.

Facebook obviously didn't close, but I'm sure over the next few weeks inordinate amounts of resources (both financial and mental) had to be expended doting on the fragile sensitivities of their precious Facebook employee snowflakes.

And then there is the City of Minneapolis.

Larger both in terms of size, finances, and the number of people than Facebook, the City of Minneapolis - like any other corporation, school, or other entity - is a machine.  And a machine composed of individual human units.  So when George Floyd was killed while being detained by some Minneapolis cops, the mentally ill citizens of Minneapolis  decided to riot, loot, and burn down a stretch of Lake Street.

Again, never mind the cops involved in his death have been arrested and are being charged.

Never mind that justice is literally being served as we speak.  

Enough of the young citizens of Minneapolis have had their brains impaired by the dysfunctional politics they were spoon fed from K-college that it didn't matter.  They were so fragile, so snowflakey, and so void of intellectual honesty and critical thinking, their logical solution was to burn parts of the city down.

Minneapolis' inability to function as a city was further corroborated when a Minneapolis man killed himself, which prompted Minneapolitans to riot, loot, and destroy another stretch of Minneapolis - this time downtown Nicollet Avenue.  No cop killed this man, cops had nothing to do with his death.  But false rumors spread on the internet fired up the same perpetually-offended people to go and destroy their town.  And again, rendering a large municipal entity untenable. 

So sit back if you will and think about this logically.

We have raised one, arguably two generations of children and adult children to be so fragile, so dysfunctional, and so angry, that if things don't go precisely their way at all times they will tear down and destroy whatever organization they're with.  That Facebook division likely couldn't function for a week or so I'd imagine.  KU administrators had to look at the absurd-but-real fact that their entire football season would be canceled, not to mention their entire class of 2020 walking out of them over a bleeping tweet.  Some idiot guys did something inappropriate which triggered the sensibilities of 36 people to the point they had to shut down an otherwise successful show.  And an entire city is so brainwashed, so dysfunctional, so delusional, that even when an accused bad cop is arrested and facing charges, EVEN WHEN THE COPS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANOTHER MAN'S SUICIDE, they still shut down the city, concluding rioting, looting, and burning buildings is the logical solution.

There are hundreds of examples, but what you are witnessing is a generation or two of Americans who are no longer capable of having a civilized society.  A group of NPC robots programmed to put their politics, victimhood, ideology, envy, and virtue signaling ahead of logic, ethics, legal behavior, law and order, or even the rights of their fellow man.  And while people are dumb and can't get my order right three times at the Casper, Wyoming Subway, these latest two generations of Americans are simply feral and dysfunctional adult children who are driven by a mentally ill ideology and not reality.  And so what you're witnessing is not so much people driving slow in the left lane or the post office losing an occasional package, but a decay into a second world country with all of it's rights and privileges.

Without large organizations able to function efficiently or at all, our economy will collapse or at least be severely impaired.  Governments unable to protect its citizens, build roads, or build infrastructure will fail into decay and dysfunction much like Minneapolis has (just search all the firms closing or leaving, or look at the laughably inept Mayer Jacob Frey of Minneapolis).  Corporations and employers who focus more on the color of your skin, politics, and virtue signaling will deter the best employees giving rise to a slow but inexorable decline of that corporation (via lower profits, lower quality, poor customer service, increased price, etc.).  Colleges are already a lost cause where nearly all degrees conferred by them are worthless, not to mention they are bastions of dysfunctional childish insanity.  Even the institution of the family is no longer functional as it takes two mature adults to successfully raise children, which Americans have been laughably failing at since the Baby Boomer generation.  Americans have decayed so much on the individual level, we are simply no longer capable of forming functional teams.  And it is teams of people, working together for a larger organization with a larger goal (not constantly looking to be aggrieved, offended, or triggered) that has led to nearly all the advancement and progress we enjoy today in society....not to mention it is teamwork that simply keeps the electricity running and society functioning.  

Still, Precious Priscilla's feelings are more important than whether or not she shows up for her job

Oppressed Opie's victimhood is more important than him getting a job and supporting himself.

And Fragile Fran can't possibly be expected to go to school for a real skill, but instead needs to protest the "patriarchy" because it's wrong engineering pays more than sociology.

And you now have legions of these non-functioning adults entering the real world.

We are not going to enter 2nd world status.  We already are entering it.  Our national (and state and municipal) debts are proof we are unable to support ourselves.  The laughable college degrees and bogus "professions" our youth pursue show adult children believing in the world of make-believe instead of the real world of hard economics.  Parents abdicating their responsibility to raise their children to the state school system is almost as disgusting as raising their children in broken homes.  And modern day young adults are so worthless, so void of anchored purpose and meaning, they place more value on traits they were born with than production or good they can do for society.  

Without a doubt, this latest generation of Americans are the most dysfunctional, unanchored, irresponsible, retarded, psychopathic, and ultimately worthless generation America has ever seen.  And you couldn't even pick a decent team for kickball, let alone a team of people to run "Team America" from this lot.  Expect institutions to fail.  Expect corporations to decline.  Expect governments to become more oppressive.  Expect families to disintegrate.  And expect all of this to be couched in an increasingly insane environment as the precious snowflakes you raised make their way through society.


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Xtrasweettea said...

Thanks Boomers.

Anonymous said...


David Foster said...

Problem is, some things are only possible when done by large organizations. Freight railroads, for example...there's a reason why railroads were the original prototype of the large-scale organization. Or how about air traffic control, or the manufacturing of airliners?

It does seem likely that once an organization becomes large enough to be publicly well-known, it will have to spend a larger % of its effort on defending itself against Woke attacks and other forms of political attacks. Especially if it is one that sells direct to consumers.

David Foster said...

Much of the problem comes, I think, from the excesses of 'self-esteem building'.

Well over a decade ago, one of my nephews had to watch a video at school, on the general theme 'you are wonderful.' He came home and asked by sister, "Mom, how do they know I'm wonderful?...they haven't ever met me!")

But most kids aren't that perceptive, and they absorb all the messages about their own wonderfulness.

Janxrathra said...

Absolutely 100% right on target. Thanks Cappy.

A Texan said...

I'll never understand why people went to riot over criminal sub-human simians that sealed their own fate. George Floyd was a drag addled POS and it's pretty clear to anyone who has watched the police cam footage that the cops were trying to do their job and prevent him from getting into a vehicle to possibly maim or kill people. Jacob Blake is a rapist who deserved to be shot by the cops for his stupidity. The guy in Rochester was mentally ill to begin with. Then leftist even crap on a black cops trying to do their job to quell a riot destroying millions in private property not to mention the tax base.

I think the tweet 'Floyd has been drug free for a month now' is pretty funny. My last three jobs, one of which was particularly crappy, required for me to have a background and/or piss test. I simply have no mercy for criminals regardless of race.

It's also wonderful (4) Antifa fags have been killed: the one in Austin, the two by Kyle, and the one in Portland. Human garbage and nothing of value was lost.

As for your other points, well, this is what happens when single mommy whores get to breed along with the psychopaths in various private and public institution who while not committing crimes, certainly cause unnecessary problems for decent people.

I would guess some of the people not caring anymore is a function of corporate malfeasance where everyone is just a 'human resource' who can replaced with 'any monkey'. I have one relative losing their job by the end of the year while having to train their Indian replacement. It's a well known beverage company and this person has committed sixteen or so years of their life there and it's not like this institution is unprofitable. So much for competency and loyalty.

Mike said...

Spot on as usual, Cappy! Except for one thing:
the ruling class won't tolerate this. Not for long. They're putting up with it for the moment because OrangeManBad.
But this actual violent rioting and looting has got to be costing corporations tens or hundreds of millions of dollars right now And while city aldermen and city council members will gladly shield criminals in order to farm votes and get money, the pendulum will inevitably swing the other way, and when it swings it will go hard.
When a third of American universities have gone bankrupt, and the ruling class get the policies and offices that they want, all of these rioters are going to get put to the boots and ground into the dust. Sure, there will be neighborhoods where disorder and violence are tolerated; there always have been, always will be. But let the violent thugs set foot out of their lower class ghettos, barrios and trailer parks, and they'll have a boot on their neck so fast they won't know what hit them.
Mostly it will be the useful idiots that got trained in college to overthrow the government that will pay the price. The street thugs have better survival instincts than the spoiled college brats. But if the ANTIFA supporters ever get their way, they'll be surprised the first time the New Boss turns out to be (in their eyes) the same as the Old Boss, and they try rioting, only to be mown down by machine guns and have a complete press blackout on the whole incident.
I hope it never happens, but if it does, I plan to be comfortably far away from everything and minding my own business.

Unknown said...

Not that it affects the point of the article but the recently released video of the George floyd arrest as well as the toxicology report shows the cop was not at fault for this guys death

A Texan said...

"By "dysfunctional politics" I do not mean communism or nazism where the political system doesn't work and fails the society it's intended to serve/support."

I don't know, sometimes I think Hitler should have won. I mean, most people are too stupid for freedom anyway. The Nazis at least got sh_t done and did not have starving people like the commies. One can only wonder what would have been if Hitler's peace overtures had been accepted by the Poles and later the British. Much suffering could have been avoided. A lot of the stuff we use today in aviation and space program were either pioneered or beginning to be refined by the Germans.

Admittedly, the commies got some stuff done to in some ways, but who wants to live in that misery?

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Exceptional! Outstanding!

What can you say but yet another first rate piece that knocked it completely out of the park. This one really is borderline brilliant. And happily for us the ole captain still remains the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ll bet most of your veteran followers have the same perspective as you regarding the completely hapless generation of muttonheads & dimwits you’ve so well depicted. The hardcore reality pointed out here has been resonating in our brains for quite some time. But it takes someone with just the right mental acuity to digest & compile the evidence to be able to draw a sound & rational deduction. Then you need the skills & ability to translate that to pen & paper. And it seems you’re able to do this so easily & effortlessly. This I submit takes an ability far beyond those of mortal men.

To sum it up: Cappy, I hate you.

sassed1 2many said...

We already reached peak civilizational incompetence. It's all down hill from here

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... what Jaden McNeil did was wrong and idiotic ..."

Jaden McNeil did nothing wrong.

I congratulate Jaden McNeil for busting the balls of the Kansas academic tone police.

But I do have to ask Jaden this: where does this stop?

Would he also congratulate Adolf Hitler for being a successful vegan for the past 75 years?

Would he congratulate Josef Stalin for being a successful pacifist for the past 67 years?

As for you, Captain Co-Conspirator: when are you going to realise that appeasing the enemy doesn't make the enemy into your friends?

American "Conservativism" has long been a Fabianist co-conspirator to the ongoing gradualism of Socialism by making pretences that it's the more adult of the adults in the room.

When you see "Left" and "Right" as the positions on a line created by Marxist dialectic, you then see the push-pull dynamic of the two groups pretending they're more adult than the other as being a simulation of actual discourse.

In reality, they are on the same side, and in the words of Ludwig von Mises, they are all Socialists.

Often the best ways to demonstrate ridiculous positions often take the form of childish provocations so that the bigger children in the room may inevitably reveal themselves.

I don't particularly care who among these tone police happens to be offended.

And so congratulations to Adolf Hitler for his 75 years of successful veganism and to Josef Stalin for his 67 years of successful pacifism! :-)

Suck it up, buttercup, because you know this is the truth.

liberranter said...

"Congratulations to George Floyd for being drug free for a month."

ROTFLMFAO! 😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆

liberranter said...

I'm tempted to say "Rome, AD 475," but I don't think that even the Western Roman Empire at its nadir was as thoroughly FUBAR, on so many fundamental levels, as is the United States of America in AD 2020.

Tony Trucano said...

Your topic brought up a scenario from before.
I forgot how it came up, but I was mentioning at a work break room table how I said something that might have offended someone 10 years before. The two ladies at the table frowned and about a day later, the boss came to me and reprimanded for me it. Something I mentioned I said 10 years prior.
That is in Minnesota. :)

Anonymous said...

Great essay. Scary stuff, but terribly accurate.