Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Case for California Communism

Even before the news that Governor Newsom decided to arbitrarily decree that California would ban the sale of gas cars by 2035, I was of the mind that California was already a quasi socialist state.  Combined with it's regulations, high taxes, and overall mental attitude that its political class/the state should not only own everything, but dictate what its citizens should think, say, or do, the State of California is the closest thing the US has to a socialist country.  But instead of fighting it, I argue we should take a lesson from our (in hindsight -very wise) forefathers and allow for "The Great American Experiment" where individual states can do what they want.  And of the now-50 states that we have, some of them - including California - should try communism, just to see what happens.

Against communism most of you may be, there is some incredible wisdom in letting some states go commie.  

First, you never know.  Communism might work this time in spite of it failing every single time before.  And if politicians and social scientists can find a way where nobody has to work and we can all be infinitely wealthy, by all means, try it out on a population of 40 million Californians before applying it to 320 million Americans.  And if successful, share your secrets to success and end poverty not only in the US, but the world forever.  You'll be the biggest heroes in human history and will have genuinely advanced society more than any humans in the past.

Second, failing that (which it will fail), why force the entire country to participate in this experiment when the track record of communism is so horrific?  More often than not, communism kills and impoverishes its participants, faster and more effectively than a hot war.  It's a drug like meth that has done nothing but destroy the lives of those who get addicted to it.  But instead of trying to argue with the average American idiot that they shouldn't take this drug, let's grab the 40 million guinea pigs of California, force them into communism, and see what happens.  Lets see what lab results occur when we give a state full control and ownership over its citizens, before rolling it out for the remaining 49 states.  I've always laughed at the occasional story where a "communist" or "commune" restaurant opens up, only to collapse a few short years later when none of their customers pay and their employees never show up for work.  And I've pointed this out to people advocating communism saying, "Look, you guys can't even run a taco shop, what makes you think you can run a state?"  I think a test group of 40 million datapoints would be more convincing than a mere one off socialist restaurant financed by government grants.

Third, I can't think of a state that deserves socialism more.  California with its Californians have been sanctimonious, arrogant, faux intellectuals who have pushed their politics not only on its citizens, but the rest of the country.  Be it through its large presence in the house of representatives, to the tech giants of Silicon Valley lecturing us via virtue-signaling over their platforms, video games, and movies, California and Californians think they know better. 

Well???  Prove it.  Stop talking about going full socialist and do it at your state, county, and local levels.  Vote in communists, confiscate all private land along the coast, nationalize all the farm land in the valley, take ownership of Google, Yahoo, Apple, and the entire tech sector, and implement whatever other non-financial communist policies you want like environmental laws, recycling laws, thought laws, educational laws, sex-relationship laws, everything.  If we're going to do this, let's do it right and do it 100% so we know what happens to a country when communism is implemented.

Fourth, and this is where Californians and Californian politicians will try to squirm out, you get no help from the other 49 states.  You do not get a bail out of a penny of federal money to trial balloon your socialist experiment.  You do not get to tax expatriates who leave California for Texas.  You do not get to complain about capital flight.  You do not get to complain about brain drain. You do not get any outside help from the outside world as that is proof positive communism is an unsustainable economic system.  These past 20 years Californians have not only wanted socialism, but they've made it their religion, sanctimoniously drawing personal and spiritual value from it.  If you're so invested in it, then make it work.  It reminds me of the speech Gregory Peck gave to David Niven in "The Guns of Navarone."

"They say you're an expert with explosives!  START PROVING IT!"

And finally, California's business owners.

I am not so much talking your local farmer or your small time restaurantier.  I'm talking the big, large, corporations headquartered in LA and Silicon Valley.  Most of the business owners are leftists, and not just leftists, but use their companies to advocate and push for socialism.  Through the media, Hollywood, or social media, every day the rest of America gets to hear your sermoning and lecturing about how the rest of the country should be socialist AND how noble and caring your company is for advocating the same.

Well then the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Hollywood studio owners, and the Tim Cooks of the world should gladly give their companies to the State of California, forfeit their own personal assets as well, and start walking the walk they're advocating for when they're talking their talk.  Those assets are the only and best shot of California raising the funds to implement a socialist society, and the very first people that should be dragged up to Sacramento to be told they're forfeiting their companies and assets to the State are those business owners who've been fellating the State and socialism this entire time.  

Idealistic as this sounds, understand this is already happening to a certain extent and is why I'm telling California to "just go for it."  California's taxes makes it the largest defacto shareholder of all private industry in the state.  Its state and local regulations make its non-financial world the Orwellian nightmare come true that many socialists want (consent forms for sex, hyper regulation, indotrination at the schools, etc.).  The people want socialism.  And even your business leaders are advocating for it.

So what's stopping you California?

For once we have the opportunity to see a real and large state implement communism without a shot being fired.  You have a "bold leader" in the form of Gavin Newsom who is obviously willing to implement communism.  And a population that is for it too.  Furthermore, it has been the dream of millions of social scientists, government workers, an ordinary American liberal arts majors to see socialism realized in the United States.  Welllllll???  We're waiting!

Naturally, I know this will fail.  Naturally, if Californians put their money where their mouths are, they will destroy their economy, society, and make the whole state look like feces-adorned San Francisco.  It will be the worst peace-time failure of an American state in all of US history.  But just like a child doesn't know eating too much ice cream will make him sick, you need to let these modern day petulant little children get what they want as there is no other way to learn.  And thus, instead of forcing communism on the rest of America, not to mention we could all save ourselves DECADES of life and time arguing about economics in the future, let's have it out right now.  Let's see California implement socialism.  Let's see what happens.  By all means gorge on all the communist ice cream in the world you want.  It will be the most productive economic experiment ever conducted in America and the entire country, even California, is bound to benefit from it.



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Anonymous said...

Even after I left California and changed my vehicle registration those bastards kept trying to call me in for jury duty and renew my old CA registration for years.

You know damn well the Commiefornians wouldn't let go of outside bailouts and help, not as long as they still get to send reps and senators to congress. If they do go commie they need to be expelled from the union and forced to run all their affairs themselves. I'd say that within 6 months the Chicoms will have invaded and took over the country. Now those are some REAL commies.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

The only times that communism/socialism has 'worked' (in Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc.) is when it has had another system, i.e. 'capitalism', to leech from.
Left to stand on its own, it collapses like a house of cards -- every time.
The latest example, Venezuela, is learning that hard lesson now -- and isn't it interesting how CNN, MSNBC, and our other leftist news media won't run ANY stories about the appalling conditions there?

David Wholly said...

Just one last condition to make California the true Communist utopia it yearns to be: Don't allow anyone to leave. The exception being those who vote Republican or Libertarian. They get a grace period to get out of the state, kind of like how it was done in Cuba. They don't want to be a part of the dream anyway, they'd only hinder it. Everyone else? They stay. Shoot any of those who betray "Gavin the Great" as traitors for trying to leave after they'd declared their allegiance to him.

Those who survive and manage to escape? They've either learned, or get deported back.

Tongue and cheek... mostly.

liberranter said...

Just one last condition to make California the true Communist utopia it yearns to be: Don't allow anyone to leave.

You stole my thunder. As an Arizonan I'm ready to position myself on the hill at Ehrenberg overlooking the bridge crossing the Colorado River on I-10, armed with a sniper rifle and ready to take out any vehicles with California plates crossing the river from the West. Californians have pissed and shat the hard bed they've made for themselves, now LET THEM LIE IN IT!

A Texan said...

California has been imposing it's asinine policies on the country in a number of indirect ways for decades. Take car emissions and fuel efficiency. This is why a decent V8 rear real drive vehicle is mostly out of reach of consumers not only because of phony fines but they are simply not being made much anymore except for work trucks. Even Camaro's and Mustangs have been downgraded to a V6, though while peppy, it was a forced government exercise.

I'm sure there are other products that I'm not aware of, but this state along with NY has been a problem for the rest of the country.