Thursday, September 17, 2020

When Economics and the Red Pill Collide

Was on Rollo's show yesterday and talked about how the internet, but especially webcam sites, have fundamentally changed the labor market.  We also discussed how "old order thinking" has forced young women into outdated corporate careers as the "pinnacle" of success, while the future economy is online as a 1099 Superior Racer.  Worth the listen, especially if you're a younger man or woman so you know where opportunity in the future lies, NOT where old washed up boomer feminists and professors says it does:

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Albert said...

I hear that virtual youtubers (i.e. projecting anime figures with flawless skin, hourglass figures, huge and buoyant tits, and captivating smiles) are leaving porn stars and cam-girls in the dust.

Be interesting to see what happens when virtual skins can look photo-realistic and not trigger the uncanny valley effect.