Friday, September 11, 2020

Joining Rule Zero Tomorrow Morning

 I think 1030AM CST.  I'm in Portland and I'm all screwed up on the time zone.


Post Alley Crackpot said...

"I'm in Portland and I'm all screwed up on the time zone."

You have this thing for living near and travelling to conflict zones.

Shall we book a table for The Armageddon?

There's a pretty cool Irish pub near there, just don't order the Irish car bomb, that just gets the party started early.

"I think 1030AM CST ..."

Here is your trick for travelling with time zones more sanely: UTC/GMT is your only time zone, and everything else is just a local flavour of that time zone.

Also, the United States is mostly on "daylight saving time" in September, not "standard time".

EST = UTC - 0500
EDT = UTC - 0400

CST = UTC - 0600
CDT = UTC - 0500

MST = UTC - 0700
MDT = UTC - 0600

PST = UTC - 0800
PDT = UTC - 0700

And for all of you looking at London time right now and getting it wrong:

BST = UTC + 0100

Most of the year except for a few odd weeks, New York trails London by five hours, making that table above mostly useless to remember, BTW.

So your home CDT time at 1030 would be 1530 UTC and then subtracting 0700 for PDT, your equivalent Portland time is 0830.

This may not be a big deal to manage in the United States, but when you're on holiday in a Caribbean country on Atlantic Standard Time, it's nice to know that during the overlapping long summer period you're in the same time zone as Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 0400), and so the bank that's locked down your credit cards is open during the hours you'd normally expect.

And now here's a further gift for you: the US Naval Observatory master clock phone numbers.

Main line (DC): +1 202 762 1401
Alternate (DC): +1 202 762 1069
Colorado: +1 719 567 6742

Put those in your phone and stop worrying about whether your cell phone company can keep accurate time.

And finally, there's this that you should bookmark:

US Naval Observatory master clock time page

Or if you like stylish graphics:

NIST time page with a US time zone map

That one even tells you how far off your clock is if your browser provides that information.

"Learned helplessness" is no excuse! Never be screwed up on time zones again! :-)

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