Tuesday, September 01, 2020

"We're Not Sleeping Together" - The FINAL Explanation of What That Means

Below you will find a book review of Rian Stone's "The FuccFiles."  It's a memoir and derivative lessons he learned from chasing skirts for 10 years.  However, though perhaps he didn't intend on it, he explained why woman say "we're not sleeping together"....but then you sleep together. 

I didn't realize I had the answer at the same time, but from a different angle and to solve a different topic.  I was wondering why people insist on living in La La Land, also called "The Land of Lies."  Why were lies so preferable over reality?  Don't people realize living lies causes long term, often irrecoverable, damage to your life?  And what coward lives lies?  Wouldn't you logically conclude it's best to live in the real world.  And thus I epiphanized the concept of "The Last and Final Luxury Good in America," wherein the final luxury good we can consume is living a lie that is better than any life we can have in the real world.

This "Last and Final Luxury Good" and "We're Not Sleeping Together" are correlated and explained in this book review.

The book itself is very much worth a purchase and read, especially for younger men who have no game.  But for veterans the philosophical insight of the book is very much worth it, especially if you never understood why certain things worked with women, but never questioned it, you just went along with it.

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