Monday, September 28, 2020

Why Leftists are Doomed to Poverty and Misery


As promised I have finally published my essay "Sanity is the Future of Wealth" on Amazon.  I've posted the book description below as it does the best job explaining what the essay is about and why you might be interested in purchasing it.  This essay is one of the rarer bits of good news in today's political landscape, but is also a bit of philosophy that is required to be happy in today's psychotic environment.  And so if you or somebody you know is down because of riots, protestors, COVID, and the general unstoppable march towards socialism, this essay is an absolute must as it puts things in perfect perspective and might actually make you feel happy.

I hope you enjoy the essay.

"Economics is being revolutionized to the point it's becoming obsolete. With production techniques and technology allowing man to extract exponentially more wealth from finite resources, nearly all our earthly wants and desires are satisfied making the concept of “wealth” and “money” obsolete. But while you'd think such an economic miracle would be celebrated, humans are forever petty, forever greedy, and forever jealous. And instead of enjoying a life of leisure nearly every first-worlder is practically guaranteed to enjoy, most seethe with envy over the petty and minor differences in the now-meaningless “wealth” others have.

Ferrari's over Chevy's.
Sushi over Chipolte.
Brand new iPhones over perfectly used Samsung's.
A rambler over a McMansion.

Tragically, this jealousy ruins the majority of people's lives as it blinds them to the great lives they have and the better ones they could live. Worse, today's political and educational system programs every young person with socialist firmware damning them to a life of misery and envy. But it gets even worse. Because the traditional (and increasingly outdated) concept of wealth only narrowly focuses on money and not the bevy of other things that truly makes a man “wealthy”:

Looks, athleticism, love, creativity, popularity, friends, status, great sex, beauty, innovation, health, family, legacy, a profession, skills, accomplishment, achievement, ability, excellence.

And when you consider this global view of “wealth” you will find out even if we achieved a socialist utopia, psychopathic and petty humans will still be obsessively envious of you, your family, your skills, and your personal life.

Thus, the insanity of 2020.

No doubt riots, protests, cancel culture, SJW's, Bernie Sanders, BLM, Antifa, professional victims, Californians, trait politics, or plain ole boring democrat politics is driving many of you mad, if not seething with anger. Be it because you intuitively know it's a scam or you're smart enough to see through the cowardly mental acrobatics socialists use to rationalize stealing your wealth, its clear these parasites of society want to partially enslave you for their benefit. But while partial enslavement is a necessary evil of democracy, there is a bright silver lining when you consider wealth is becoming obsolete. Because while the parasites of society may be successful in inevitably voting away your increasingly-irrelevant material wealth, it doesn't provide them everything else that matters in life. And without things like love or beauty or excellence or family, leftists are doomed to live not only miserable lives...but insane ones as well.

Thus, “Sanity is the Future of Wealth.

“Sanity is the Future of Wealth” explains to the productive members of society that it is non-financial aspects of life that matter most and are the key determinants of living a happy and successful life. But it also provides the reader with some much-needed vengeance that no matter how much socialists get their way financially, they will never have the things that matter most, especially when material wealth is increasingly unimportant. Alas, in misprioritizing their lives on greed, victimhood-politics, or simple envy, the average American leftist damns himself not only to a wasted life, but an insane one as his parasitic politics cannot provide love, excellence, belonging, achievement, comradery, beauty, or worth. And try as they might to claim “big is beautiful” or besmirch nuclear families or “redistribute hot spouses,” they cannot and thus their entire life will be nothing but a government check.

So revel in their misery. Revel in their insanity. And be happy you're not them. Realize you are truly wealthy as sanity is the future of wealth."


sassed1 2many said...

I really enjoyed your artical the day it posted here. I literally said to myself that this was worth reading multiple times, and sharing with my daughters. I had decided some years ago that I was never going to lie to my children again, and this was just the type of truth they needed to hear. But when I went back to get it, it was gone. I felt bad that nobody would get to read it. But like you have stated many times, freebies are not apreciated. So I understood why you put this article behind your patreon. Generally not a problem, but after reading Poor Richards Retirement in Jaunary of 2019, I had vowed to cancel any and all subscription services I had, and eliminated all dicretionary spending. I develped a crazy plan to save and invest an obscene amount of money by years end, and was on this plan till the covid hit. Crazy I know... so anyway, I didn't spend the dollar per month to reread it. But I think I will buy this essay and share with my daughters. It was very well reasoned and written, and I believe the information conveyed there is invaluable.

Thanks for all you do, you filthy captialist 8-)

Vader999 said...

What's funny is that modern leftists are more selfish than fucking Renaissance Popes and clergy. Reading about that time period, I get tales of Cardinals paying to equip men for a crusade against Muslim-held lands out of their own pocket, Renaissance Popes who splurge just as much on charity as they do on that fancy new Basilica they have in Rome, they want to buy their way to heaven by doing good deeds with their own cash. Leftists want to do good......using other people's money, while they hoard their own cash for their Hollywood studios, tech companies, their own mansions, etc.. If the Left was merely charitable with their own money, there wouldn't be a problem, but they usually keep their own money to themselves while they come up with 50 billion ways to spend other people's money on problems that may or may not even exist.

This is why every Leftist society turns into a shithole: everyone gets taxed to the bone while the Leftists at the top continue to buy capitalist goods and get the most recent doohickey out of Silicon Valley. They don't want to spend their own money to help people, they want to spend the people's money to sate their egos. Which is what makes them different from the corrupt cardinals and popes who were running the Catholic Church into the ground during the Renaissance era: those guys are actually willing to buy their way to heaven by helping the poor and building nice houses for God with their own wealth and power (and at worst, the indulgences they sell to the public are completely optional) whereas the Left FORCES people to aid in misguided charity while the Leftists themselves keep all the money.

Just look at Bernie Sanders. Dude tells his donors to give him money so he can win the war against the establishment Democrats so he can be nominated as the Dems' candidate for President, then when push comes to shove, he chickens out, bows down to the establishment candidate, and he takes all the money given to him and runs. He got rich off the backs of other people, and he couldn't care less about his supporters who were fleeced for nothing. He doesn't even have the stones to give back the money he took from people to feed his own failed campaign.