Friday, December 06, 2013

A Discreet Weapon and Christmas Gift

Hey Kids,

Talon Knife.  Go buy one.  Great personal protection device.  Great survival piece (comes with paracord).  AND one of those perfect "small gifts" that you want to get somebody who is outdoorsy or are just looking for a high-end stocking stuffer.  Might also prove VERY useful for a loved one on campus where they ban guns, but not small, discreet knives.


Go get one!



Anonymous said...

as for giving one as a gift, Talons are custom fitted to stay on your hand in a struggle

Anonymous said...

I suspect that would classify as a push knife in Canada and unfortunately a prohibited device. Get caught with one and you will be a guest of her majesty to think about it

Etunimi Sukunimi said...

Good enough for slitting the throats of Russians during the Winter War.

Good enough for you. :-)