Friday, December 20, 2013

How Ethan Krupp Embodies Everything Wrong With American Males

We do indeed rip apart American (and western) women here in this little sphere of our world.  But we must also remind ourselves that it isn't only  men that have suffered as the forces of socialism and feminism have completely destroyed our selection in the opposite sex.

Socialism and feminism have also destroyed women's selection in men.

Seriously, take the time to be a bit empathetic and appreciate the fact that many innocent women now only get to select from the Ethan Krupps of the world.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Look at him. Look at him and laugh.

That poor little nebbish appears to have ears that stick out further than his shoulders do. He's like a swarthy little bobble head in a thrift store sweater.

I suppose it's pretty lowbrow to just rag on the poor guy's homeliness... but then you look at the smug, VERY feminine-like self-worship that's so obvious in the endless supply of selfies and 'you go girl' comments from friends. It's like being forced to watch somebody masturbate in front of a mirror on a busy street corner. Put me completely off my tea.

Anonymous said...

besides his love for bacon there isn't anything manly about him.

Anonymous said...

Can you picture this Krupp guy in Oakland , Detroit, or in oil fields of ND or Texas?

Take The Red Pill said...

Western Women don't have any sympathy from me...this is the kind of guy that resulted from the anti-male, non-masculine "feelings-based" socialization policies that the feminasties wanted (and the women fully supported the feminasties without question). Pathologize and criminalize normal masculinity and this is the result; hope the bitches are happy with "men" like this.

Anonymous said...

He looks like the one of the actors from the big bang theory.

Anonymous said...

So is it Ethan Krupp's fault if he's Ethan Krupp ?

You find something defective in his genetics ?

What should Ethan Krupp do about being Ethan Krupp ? Should he go hang himself ?

Nevermind the fact that nature gives you a set of genetics for which you didn't have any say whatsoever.

Why should you feel proud or ashamed over something you had no power. Nobody decides his genetic material.

Aside from giving you a self of feeling superior and good about yourself, what value does your post actually procure to you and especially to us ?

Shouldn't you be posting articles about how to become the supreme killer alpha male that rips off the heads of all the Ethan Krupps in the world and gets all the women for himself ?

Last time I checked, we live in civilization but your repeat posts of picking against "lesser" elements of society suggests that you don't like society at all and you would rather we revert back to the cavemen era where men literally killed each other over women.

I bet modernity, society and civilization wasn't meant for you. You should have been born 2 million years ago Aaron.

For somebody who keeps claming that you're all about building value and avoiding the destruction principle, you surely keep posting one article after the other for the purpose of destroying all the betas of this world.

So, after all, you really are about destroying instead of creating real value.

What would you be without the Ethan Krupps of this world to reassure your insecure beta self and rationally hamsterize and celebrate that you are not the lesser one after all.

You can encourage us to hate all the Ethan Krupps of this world all day, this will not teach us how to be the Super Duper Ultra Killer Male and it will not tell us how to alter our genetics either.

Try practicing what you preach and provide some value in the form of instruction instead of compensatin for your own inadequacies by picking on other people.

Anonymous said...

"Can you picture this Krupp guy in Oakland , Detroit, or in oil fields of ND or Texas?"

It's guys like Ethan Krupp who will be the ones accumulating the promotions while doing the accounting and signing the paychecks of all you grunts sweating in the heat and running away from the Hydrogen Sulfide gases from the oil fields.

I bet none of you "tough" and "Alpha" males would survive in the real manly world of the hunting and gathering economies of 2,000,000 years ago.

We live in CIVILIZATION, get used to it.

heresolong said...

Did you see the part where his buddy refers to Obama as the "ruler" of the free world? Not particularly up on our republican form of government, are they?

Or maybe it is how they view the President when he is a Democrat. Wonder if they ever referred to Bush as ruler of the free world in their tweets.

Faithless Cynic said...

Modern women seem to want one of two types of male. Notice I did not say " Man " but male.

A skinny, desk bound nebbish who would die if he had to change a flat tire.

A loud, boorish, disloyal ex felon who screws around on them and gives them nothing but attitude and Chlamydia.

The steady, trustworthy, loyal " Mike Rowe " types need not apply.

Kristophr said...

Cut him some slack. He's a model.

The person who needs slapping is the metrosexual or feminist who composed that photo.

Matt said...

@Faithless Cynic

I would argue that she wants all 3. The first to orbit and validate her throughout her 20s, the second to fuck her throughout her 20s, and the 3rd to marry and provide for her starting 3 days after she turns 30.

Anonymous said...

Check out the pissed off anon, someone touched a nerve...

Anonymous said...

Ethan Krupp is the reason my aggregate taxes exceed 50% of my income. He is contemptible to me. He represents Socialism. And the feminization of society. Puke.