Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dragging Kids Into Politics

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.  You just can't let kids be kids, can you people?  No, you can't let them pray for snow days, play sports, play video games, and enjoy their childhood.  No, you need to drag them unconsciously into  politics, specifically, your personal political battle.  It's no different than forcing religion down your kids' throats.

First watch this:

And now, my response, which I hope is polite enough for kids:

And yes, I am not surprised both of his parents are teachers.

ALSO, IMPORTANT NOTE.  This is a kid.  Do not curse, swear, make fowl comments on the poor kid's video.  He's obviously being led by his parents, he's reading a script.  If you want to make critical comments, make them here.


Anonymous said...

"Do not... make fowl comments..."



Remy Sheppard said...

"IF there's no jobs or industry, what's the point of getting educated?"

Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing when he said, "Education is the key to escaping extreme poverty." - How?

Dave said...

That kid does a great job of reading a Telepromter. He could be President someday!

Seriously, passing on your political views is a major reason for having children. I will not raise mine to be empty vessels for whatever lies politicians, media, and teacher's unions decide to fill them with!

If this kid believes the slop his parents teach him, too bad. He'll just have to work much harder to catch up to my kids.

Anonymous said...

Now them fowl comments were funny there.

Modest Proposals 'R' Us said...

Can't someone sneak that kid a copy of "The Lord of the Flies"?

Also ... fowl comments?


Baby got quack. :-)

Marshallaw said...

Hi Captain,
A recent scandal in Ireland about charities that support overseas aid and aid at home, hospitals, homeless, etc., can be seen here:
Also today I read in a letter to the same paper about how Irish foreign aid bill, €600million a year, is spent. Our country is taxing the shit out of private individuals, cutting health to the aged, disabled, etc. Our Irish Aid programme donated €3.8 million to Democratic Republic Of Congo. I quote from the letter, "The president of the DRC recently spent almost €1.2 million on suits and shirts in Paris; he changes his shirt 3 or 4 times a day and, according to an aid, boasts that he never washes them." So between CEO's of hospitals and charities and corrupt third world officials clothing bills (luckily we don't have to foot the dry cleaning bill) your charity money is being pissed done the drain.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Cap, it is the duty of parents to instill their values in their children, especially religious values. Who do you want doing that--because somebody's gonna? You? The state? Stephan Molyneaux? No thanks.

Monroe Ficus said...

"Free the children"? How is a school gonna free the children? Or is that hippy-dippy "Knowledge is power" talk?

Green Steelhead said...

My charitable response in the words of a dearly departed philosopher from our century, Whitney Houtson:

"I believe the children are out future (oh, God, please help them as our government spends them into future slavery)

Teach then well and let them lead the way (not with the horrible teachers and parents who are clueless themselves - we are screwed)

Show them all the beauty they possess inside (except most of the western world is fat, stupid, lazy and entitled: "Beauty is how I feel at this very moment, and I feel fabulous! Gimme another cupcake!")

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier (because everyone is entitled to self-esteem and their own personal cause; no one can do math because it is hard. Make it easy for everyone to be a winner; major in liberal arts!)

Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be (yeah - I never pimped for a cause like this when I was that age. This is a disgusting display of altruistic dog crap on my shoe that will end up in disappointment as $9999 is chewed up in administrative costs while $1 goes to buy a rusted nail for the charity to hang up another sign in Africa saying: "Education will set you free").

Ask for your money back, kid. There, I feel much better.

Anonymous said...

Dave... the sad fact is he'll grow up believing he has a right to the fruits of your kids' labor... and he'll have the votes to take their wealth.

Ayn Rand was way prescient understanding the evil of power.