Monday, December 09, 2013

Why Paul Mason Should Just Try to Take My Property

Because if he did, he would not be getting it without the most serious of injuries.


Anonymous said...

Which one Aaron ?

I see you have MANY properties, you're not as poor as you pretend you are.

Captain Capitalism said...

Ah, actually Anon 510, I have nothing. Just one property underwater. Don't know here you get the idea i have many properties. So anytime anybdoy wants to start shit, let's go. I LITERALLY have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

As with climate issues, Limeys are really really stupid. Not surprisingly, according to Thomas Sowell, Limeys do extraordinarily poorly on standardised math tests - worse than American inner city blacks.

One has to be really really stupid to follow an ideology which has FAILED so catastrophically as Communism and the more extreme sorts of socialism.

Anonymous said...

Why not cut out the middleman and just start a community farm in LA?

Such a videogame would be deadly boring... unless there was a combat option to stave off the inevitable "looting" by gangstas, homeless people, "oppressed minorities", and entitled types... that might be cool. But probably not. Then the economics engine has to include all sorts of graft from City Hall.

Aside from that, give me StarCraft any day of the week.

Breaker Morant said...

It's a good thing there is grass on a communal farm, because there sure won't be toilet paper.

Maybe the first requirement for considering an economic system is that it should be able to consistently have toilet paper available. Once socialism can cross that hurdle, maybe we can talk.

Anonymous said...

I have to say...huh? What's a goodass? Okay, I'll tell my kids to aspire to be a goodass on a communal farm? Seriously? Yeah, that's aspiring to what...? Sorry, Paul Masson (because we will sell no wine before it's time!), but I am teaching my kids to defend themselves and to be street smart. Being a "goodass" is a good way to get your "goodass" kicked.

Anonymous said...

A socialist version of Farmville is going to usher in a communist revolution and glorious worker's paradise?


Both capitalists and communists should openly mock and laugh at this idiot on the street.

DrTorch said...

I think this is a great idea, b/c the flaws of communism would be made apparent to all involved...without a lot of the destruction of property and loss of life.

The stiff-necked dogmatists would likely have to go thru the game several times before they realized that it wasn't just that one guy who ruined it for the collective. But that would keep them occupied and away from their destructive activities