Friday, December 06, 2013

The Mandatory Christmas Gift All Teenagers Need

It is Christmas time.

You want to know what I want for Christmas?

I want for NO children to go to college only to waste their time and money on some worthless degree that will do nothing to improve their employment prospects and only serve to indebt them into the future, and cripple their finances.

Look, parents, uncles, aunts, and family friends.

You got that kid in your life that just declare a worthless "art history major" or some kind of "masters in creative writing" BS.

Can you please man up, do the right thing, and prevent them from making a horrible mistake?

Buy them the book "Worthless."  It's THE book that every high schools senior and junior needs to read and it's going to make your life, their life, and everybody's lives easier.  It explains very clearly why some degrees are worthwhile and others are completely worthless.

It is available in paperback and kindle.

But more importantly it's available in audio format so your kid (or you) doesn't have to actually read it.

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