Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Calling People Fat Should Be Illegal" aka ABC Round 2

So where do you want to go with this one guys?

Pick on Jennifer Lawrence for being so stupid she's advocating totalitarianism?

Go the regular shaming route and redouble our efforts to ramp up fat-shaming?

Or just ignore it because it's another stupid bint from Hollywood?

Here's the correct answer:

Expose ABC news (again) for being the paper-thin fraudulent media outlet that it is.

Look, the real news story isn't that another 23 year old hollywood harlot is saying stupid things.  Nor is it that "fat" is a politicized topic.  The real story is that a presume "media giant" like Barbara Walters would even consider interviewing such a mindless individual in the first place, LET ALONE CONSIDER HER ONE OF THE TOP 10 MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE.

This isn't news.

This isn't journalism.

This is pulp-people-magazine garbage being served as "serious, top notch" journalism.

Ergo, the only thing to do is go to the comment section and merely point out ABC has jumped the shark or "gotten the female lead pregnant."

That's if you even deem ABC's comment section worth your time, which I really don't.


Anonymous said...

There's a joke in there about burying the lead, but I'm just not clever enough to dig it out.

Roy said...

It seems you have beaten me to it, I was going to send you on this link a few days ago but here it is:

Some ugly, overweight hog wants to ban "Fat Shaming".

Anonymous said...

I remember back in the 1980s and 1990s that the words to fear most were, "More Americans get their news from ABC than from any other source".

I would hope this is not even remotely close to the truth anymore -- besides, they don't have the likes of Peter Jennings and his "different" (ahem, Canadian) looks anymore ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a guy who was interviewed on Penn and Teller's BS on animal rights, saying something to the effect of "This is a generation of people who've never had serious conflict, so they find it wherever they can."

I think since there's no longer a big bad German or Commie out there, all that's left are the ones that beat them.

Anonymous said...

I think since there's no longer a big bad German or Commie out there, all that's left are the ones that beat them."

Weeeeelllll...there is a little issue with a few people who claim to be followers of the religion of "peace." Those peace-lovers blew up the world trade center, engaged in multiple massacres such as fort hood and the boston marathon, and they are coming into this country en masse. But in today's idiot, feminized weakling mangina culture, you can't mention them by name without being called wacist.

They would make a very big bad, if the people had more spine than a jellyfish.

Black Poison Soul said...

About all we can do is hoist a glass of something alcoholic and enjoy the decline