Thursday, December 05, 2013

I Like What You Muslims Did With that Debt Thing There

And that retirement planning scheme you got going on too.  Nice work.

Anyway, take the hate you have for muslims out of it and remember that the majority of them voted Republican before some of their people flew planes into our buildings and GW dared to retaliate.  It is a conservative culture.  Not too sure about the ha-jab, not to sure about the stoning of people in Afghanistan, and not too sure about honor killings, but the extremities aside the Muslims do have some economic principles I'd like to emulate.


Anonymous said...

I still prefer your S&W Retirement Plan !

It's a lot simpler that way.

Ving Almes said...

LOL, hope this means when they become a majority in Norway they don't loot it, doesn't Norway have like a trillion dollar nest egg?

Robert What? said...

Are you sure about the voting Republican thing? I had read that they are a firm Democrat bulwark because of the free government benefits.

Glen Filthie said...

People absolutely freak about Sharia Law too - but it basically works the same way. Take the racism and misogyny out of it...and as far as rule of law goes - it beats ours hands down.

It's simple: you do crime X and you pay penalty Y. It doesn't matter if you are a prince or a pauper. Their judges are holy men and walk the walk as well as talking the talk - unlike many of our clergymen. You can't buy them off, they live to bolster the spiritual health of their community and they will allow for mercy if the situation demands it.

There is always SOME good in everyone.

Anonymous said...

It is also true in East Asia. There is no sentimentality about "family values!" Your family is your health insurance, your unemployment insurance, and your old age retirement policy. A friend of mine taught English as a second language for a while in South Korea. His salary was so-so, but with a desultory taxation rate his take-home impressed. But there was no social safety net. If you were out of work, and had no money and no family, you would starve. And as you lay starving in the gutter, people would simply step over you, literally.

There's another aspect to that. Muslims and East Asians dislike government-sponsored sexual depravity intensely. It destroys the marriage value of daughters, and a queer son is uniquely to found a family that can look after the aged parents.

lozozlo said...

It is weird...I am of two minds about muslims, and I'm guessing a decent number of my fellow Christians feel the same way

On one hand, as noted in this post and the ensuing comments, they have resisted feminization and 'progressivation' *far* better than Western Christians and for that deserve a good deal of admiration, but on the other, they have this horrible habit (both historically and in the modern world) of killing/brutally torturing/persecuting those who disagree with them - me, as a Catholic, the captain as (I think) an agnostic, and anyone else here who is not muslim stands an excellent chance of being brutally murdered if you had the misfortune to wander anywhere where muslims have significant political power and numbers to engage in violence against those against whom they disagree.

None of us, Christian, agnostic, Jewish, etc... would survive long in, say, Iran for example.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good about Islam.
Welcome to 7th century hell. It's a fascist, Arab male supremacist, women hating, child raping. sexual enslaving, murderous political cult dressed in religious trappings.
Read about how jizya (protection money) is collected and imposed, read about slavery that still goes on that system, read about how Halal designation is designed to be a hidden and corrupt tax on Western corporations. The last poster is correct, any dissenter, any Jew, Christian or infidel that will not bow down to Islam by agreeing to either be a dhimmi ( pay jizya) to convert (revert) to Islam will be murdered.

குருந்தம் said...

Once people trusts their old age with government instead of their own children, family system's collapse is initiated

I love your blogs. Thanks