Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shitting on 2,000 Years of Western Civilization Wisdom

It's almost as if the past 2,000 years of Western Civilization didn't happen.


Leif said...

That is the whole premise of progressivism: the past has no lessons as we are so much smarter and better today, thanks to "progress".

Anonymous said...

From the article,

Che Wagner is one of the campaigners, he is 25, studying for a master's degree at Zurich university, and working for a pizza delivery company.

"I have a daughter," he says, "and so of course I am there for my daughter, I look after her."

"But it is also a struggle - I have to work, so we can live.

"I think with a basic income I would still have to work, but I could… maybe [also] say, 'OK let's spend a week with my daughter.'"

Could this guy be a more irresponsible asshole?!!!

And this shit is coming our way. Glad I'm getting close to the end. I just might have some blood left when it's over.

Fucking PARASITES!!!!!

Orphan Wilde said...

It's better than the welfare system we have in the US.

Matt said...

Honest question: what's the conceptual difference between Pax's proposal that you linked too on Monday and what the Swiss are voting on?

Chemist said...

What about the 'dirty jobs' most people don't want to do? If you get a guaranteed salary for not working, why would anybody work as a dishwasher or pushing a mop? Or getting up everyday at 5 AM to deliver newspapers. Someone needs to do these mundane but nevertheless essential things.

salsa shark said...

Lucky for the Swiss they're restricting immigration.

Anonymous said...

@Matt There may be some minor differences, but the principle is the same. However, the point where I think you are getting confused is, Cappy doesn't actually think Pax's functioning welfare state (there's an oxymoron if there ever was one) is a good idea. --Matthew

Will Brown said...

The Swiss model numbers won't work in the US anyway. If only 100 million adults receive $2400.00 pa that still exceeds the total budgetary collections by the by about 10% (using 2010 budget figures).

Ending Medicare, welfare, whatever doesn't matter; the basic income amount required exceeds total government revenue.