Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Choice Blacks and Other Minorities Must Make

Either you vote democrat, in which case you are powerless because you are told just to sit there in the ghetto and decay and rot while the democrats get you other people's money


you realize you are in control of your life and it is not so hopeless your only option is to wait for other people's money from the government and vote republican.



Anonymous said...

As if most Republicans are actually fiscal conservatives! This doesn't really boil down to a two-party choice here since both have been part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Or you could show some integrity and vote Libertarian. For that matter, you could file a petition to start your own political party.

Roy said...

I am sure that once Demarcus and Lashawn read this excellent piece you have written that they will take your sound economic advice and vote for the most libertarian candidate.Yes they will embrace individualism and hard work and stop blaming whitey for their situation. I can just see Kanye West and Li Wayne rapping about Rand and Adam Smith. Jesus Captain, you are right most of the time but, you can be just as naive as the Progressives.

Anonymous said...

or you can be the Captain, and choose the third route. You should buy his book on the kindle:

Anonymous said...

What if they are truly responding in the most rationale manner, given the reality of HBD?

Anonymous said...

Difficult but, correct.

Dan said...

While I understand the point you are attempting to make in reality the Demonrats vs the GOP is just a distraction. They are two sides to the same coin and both groups are not interested in anyone or anything except their own power, privilege and position. They just approach the issue from slightly different angles. Deciding between the parties is akin to deciding whether you want to be hung or shot....either way your dead.

Blinding Buddha said...

Great video! For me growing up in the Bronx I have seen these people you talked about everyday when I was younger. I was lucky to have a father who was too proud to bow down to the king called welfare. I watched him come home dead tired from a long hard day of work and pass out I the would make me angry because then I would see these people out int he street hanging out in the corner doing nothing with themselves. Wasting their lives and not progressing.

That is when I came to the realization that I too will have to get up every morning like my father and make a life for me! I told myself that I will never live under king welfare like the rest of these people in the ghetto. We lived in the ghetto for a long time until one day my father moved us out from there and into our own house in suburbia. He was able to give us that working hard.

I picked up in that mantra that if I want to be somebody somebody that can be respected as a man then I have to work and not be stagnant waiting for that fucking check from Tio Sam! Living in that negative world you learn to grow up quick. By the time I was 13 I knew what I had to do! While everyone else stayed behind I left and rose to where i'am now. No political party, nor welfare section 8 what have you. I rose by serving my country going to college and now working in the corporate world. Sometimes I go to the old neighborhood every now and then and I see the same people hanging in the same corner still doing nothing.

I don't need anyone to tell me what to do because I know it already! Aaron if these knuckleheads out there call you a racist is because they are ignorant.

I can tell you the millions of times I tried to talk sense to those people only to be ignored. It got to the point that I just gave up on trying to reach to them but they are so brainwashed that it's hard to penetrate their thick skulls so I just keep it moving take care and provide for my family as best I can. If they want to stay there then let them they are only hurting themselves in the end.

Great video post!

The Plague Doctor said...

The problem is the moronic current plurality voting system which causes the spoiler effect. It needs to be reformed and replaced by instant runoff voting. Then someone like Ron Paul could have a chance.

Or you could get a clue and abolish democracy. I would make a donation if you did a video review of this book.

Anonymous said...

roy demarcus and lashawn really? there are black conservatives and rightwingers and theyre not all named made up names just an fyi

August said...

Don't tell them to vote Republican.
Don't vote at all.
What's the point?
What would an honest elected official do?
Shut the roller-coaster down. The whole government should be shutdown and all assets be put into receivership for the express purpose of returning as much as possible to the people, rather than bailing out the corporations yet again.
The Republicans aren't going to do that. Go ask a Ron Paul supporter. You aren't going to be able to take over the Republican party- it has already been tried.
We are on plan C now, which is let it die. The current regime must be destabilized; that is the only hope we have for change.

Peregrine John said...

What a crapload of silly in the comments, here. Reality check, boys: You will have 2 options in the list, if you want something to happen any time in the near future. Democrat and Republican. All else is distraction at this point, and while I loathe the fact of it, my loathing does not change the fact. We have to have something filling the office while a better option is being built. Savvy? Well, you will eventually, or you will wander in the wilderness for another generation. So for now, those are your choices.

Now go back and answer the question without whining.

Anonymous said...

Peregrine John-

You can wander in the wilderness-- I'll be looking for a new home (which for me is Neo-Reaction).

A tipping point has been reached and there's no going back-- no re-set is possible. Things have gone too far. At this stage, you either build a credible alternative (neither of the existing parties qualify) or you wait for your turn to loot. That's it.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is the party of the Copperheads in the Civil War; the party of Andrew "Trail of Tears" Jackson; and above all, the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

Their appeal to blacks is incomprehensible.