Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Latest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

Podcasting on the road (literally), Aaron asks why anybody lives where there's snow and liberals, tells the sad story about how the only memento he has from his childhood is a 1970 Hoover vacuum, explains why there is no longer any shame in collecting a government check, gives a helluva plug for Ranger Self Defense, and finishes off with a MANDATORY rant about racism and how the left has just destroyed people of color.


Edward Caldwell said...

The only memento you have from childhood is a 1970 Hoover vacuum? Wow, that is very sad Aaron. I am sorry.

Anyway, thanks for the plug. Hope your trip went well. Get some rest after writing that 450 page book. I have to say it's been a year or two since I read a 450 page book, so I am sure you require some rest and rehab. Have fun :) Ed

Sean M. said...

You have an open invitation to stay with me if necessary when in Phoenix.

I slept on my couch for 1 year. Very comfortable.

I'm centrally located too.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Texas from Southern California, and I'm glad I did.

Yes, I miss the weather and scenery. No, I don't miss the rest of it.