Sunday, December 01, 2013

Eric is Enjoying the Decline

Why aren't you!?


Anonymous said...

It is sometimes difficult to enjoy the decline - the mannikins and maricons dancing on the ruins of my civilization do get me down. I must say, however, that Obamacare is a real hoot. Doesn't get any better. Now I am a Canadian, and we have had a reasonably bad but not horrendously bad health care system since 1968. But we mustn't be smug - in the wings in Canada is a glib little no-nothing referred to by conservatives as "Turdeau". He sets the ladies' lady-parts a-twitching (at least he is a man, unlike the creep who is sitting in the White House) so he will be governing us in two years. Two years to Hell. Must enjoy.

Oh yes, I greatly enjoy the Senate and House Republicans, I never knew that human beings could be constructed without spines. I definitely sympathize with the majority of Americans who despise them.

And the Ayatollahs - their pleasure in making monkeys out of the present US Administration is palpable. And Kerry is the best imitation of Buster Keaton since - Buster Keaton.

Anonymous said...

I don't care. Bring back Alyssa.