Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cenk the Sexist???

Imagine that, a young man making jokes and sexist talk about women on a blog, in private conversation or in the locker room.

Much as I politically disagree with Cenk, this is what every guy does, as does every girl at a bachelorette party, their own discussion boards, and in their own private conversations.  And if it were to come to light that women were talking/posting/podcasting lewdly about men, I would more or less just write it off as women having fun and gossiping about the opposite sex as everybody does.

But, since we are in Nazi-America, what a man said 10 years ago on an obscure blog is now being cited as concrete evidence of sexism, which in reality, it's just boorish, crass men being boorish crass men.

The only problem is Cenk has been politically championing this insane, totalitarian level of speech and thought control branded and sold by the left.  If he stood up and said, "yeah, I said those things, and no I'm not apologizing.  They were crass and rude, but that's male nature.  And let s/he who's never made a crass joke about the opposite sex cast the first stone" this would have gone away and women would've even been more turned on by him."

But he is a leftist and alas, you must sacrifice yourself and obey the leftist political party religion.

Unconfirmed - Cenk resigns from TYT.


Anonymous said...

I do admit to some amusement when the left gets devoured by the monster it created. It would be more funny if it weren’t such a real and present threat to innocent men, whom the left doesn’t care if they suffer injury during the current witch hunt.

Sal said...

Why should American policy be surprising?

Monopoly Capitalism leads to Monopoly Intellectualism, esp if the monopolization of industries is controlled by a single ethnic group.

In the end, free speech is secondary to Power Speech. Even if every American has equal speech rights as an individual, most voices go unheard. If, out of1000 people, everyone has the same right to speech but only one person has control of the megaphone, only one voice has Power Speech that is heard over all other speeches.

Not only is there corporate monopoly of media in the US but there is a ethno-monopoly of the media. If the US minded its own business, it wouldn't matter so much.

The Mass Media had long been monopolized. The internet allowed some degree of alternative voices, but Platform Monopoly by Google, Facebook, and Twitter means entire voices will soon be shut down or shadowbanned. Also, financial services like Paypal deny service to men like Jared Taylor who never committed a crime while criminal thugs of BLM and Antifa are protected. Or, the Media stir up 'Russia Hysteria' to spread fear that alternative voices and news are all controlled by Putin as New Hitler.

Some say this is 'leftist' or 'cultural marxist', but isn't it odd that Monopoly Intellectualism also targets BDS, trying to criminalize it nation-wide? BDS has long been associated with the Left, but even Democratic Party bigshots side with Sheldon Adelson and Neocons when it comes to Palestinian rights.

The dogma of PC and cult of Homomania also further Monopoly Intellectualism because so many scholars and media people were raised from cradle with the notion of Holy Homo. It's their religion.

YIH said...

In your recent Asshole Consulting The Economic Philosophy of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies your questioner asked: ''Do those who talk about cryptocurrencies act like a cult or a religion?''. Easy and short answer: Yes. Don't take my word for it, hear them for yourself.

Jimmy said...

A 'male feminist' is ALWAYS a predator in disguise. Often a rapist or child molester.

Fortunately, more people are seeing 'male feminists' for what they are.

A Texan said...

But it's still fun to see leftist eat their own. It gives me joy!

pigpen51 said...

This is exactly what I was trying to say when the "bomb shell" came out about Trump said what he did about grabbing some woman's pussy. Locker room talk, really means that he was only bragging, like many men tend to do. I worked in a foundry for 35 years and heard more than my share of it. I tried to avoid doing it myself, since I was a Christian, and at one time thought about becoming a Pastor, but that didn't mean I never heard it. Men can of course be crud, classless, and sexual perverts. It is kind of the way most men are, especially when alone with other men. It is pretty benign, actually, a method of bonding in a sense.

Anonymous said...

The main problem is the closet cucks. They dont stand up along with the guy. Sometimes its not you, but the cowards around you.