Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Politicially Undecided: Where is America's Political Insanity Coming From?

I told the story before, but I'll tell the story again, but many years ago when Cappy was but a young 20 something in Minneapolis, it was a near-guarantee he would be the only non-leftist at the various house parties he attended.  In part because of his peer group's age, in part because of Minneapolis' politics, he was almost always guaranteed to be the sole non-left at a party.

Sure enough this presented some social hurdles to clear in that sooner or later, usually in the midst of macking on some girl, a pansy, limp-wristed guy would come up to the Captain and tell the girl he was trying to woo that "did you know he's a REPUBLICAN!!!!???"  Sure enough this would bring Cappy's Cary-Grant-level romantic advances to a screeching halt as the object of his affection would then start to interrogate him instead of waiver between going home with him.

To combat this the Captain would burn CD's (because that was the technology in the day) with various economic data so when the party he was at decided to gang up against him, he could point to the data, charts, and graphs empirically proving he was right, they were brainwashed, and perhaps they could reconsider their political and philosophical positions in life...and that cute redhead would go home with him.

Fat chance.

All that would happen is not much different than what happens today.  If you didn't go with the crowd, if you didn't believe in socialism, if you didn't vote DFL/democrat, then you were a racist, hated women, murdered kittens, and punched puppies.

And so I learned early on that you simply cannot convince leftists or any ideologue who subscribes to a particular political religion because they did not go out and study charts, graphs and data like the humble Captain did.  Just like religion, they CHOSE to believe in said unsubstantiated political-religion and there's no way to convince somebody when they simply "choose."

Therefore, I'm laying down a challenge to those of you who are undecided, centrists, or are just apolitical.  And that is to simply entertain...

painfully clear


"Where on the political spectrum is America's current day political insanity coming from?"

Taking politics out of it, you have to admit that it seems American politics has become increasingly insane.  Everyday in the news the internet seems to drudge up ever increasing and ever-more political insanity that not only makes you shake your head, but makes you worried about America's future.  And though there is no way to neatly categorize these news stories, after some thought and consideration I've managed to come up with roughly 4 general categories you're almost guaranteed to see a new news story about insanity in American politics.

The first category is feminism.

Like the other three categories there is a limitless number of examples of political insanity.  There was the pussy hat protests where women knitted pink hats, made to look like a woman's vagina, and they marched on DC to protest the election of Donald Trump.  Closely related are slut walks that have nothing to do with the election of Donald Trump but is a favorite past time of feminists where they dress like sluts and march in public because women should be allowed to wear whatever they want without attracting the attention of men, specifically in the form of sexual assault and harassment.  There's the fake rape epidemic epitomized by the University of Virginia's false rape accusation further perpetrated by an article in Rolling Stone magazine.  But this should have been prevented had you followed Antioch's sexual consent policy where a man must ask, at each stage of sexual progress, permission to hold a girl's hand, put his hand on her shoulder, kiss her, and (GASP) maybe even fornicate!  To top it all off, then there's feminists just yelling and screaming at the sky when Trump is elected, or (if you wish to be more formal about it) you put together an event where you communally yell at the sky to commemorate Trump being elected.

Second, and somewhat closely related, the ever increasing number of sexes.

10 years ago there was straight, bi and gay. Today, 63.

There are, of course, not 63 genders.  There are three.  Straight, bi and gay.  The remainders are variations, derivations, and permutations of the aforementioned, introducing concepts like "sapio sexual" (being attracted to intelligent people) which are nothing more than splitting hairs.  But while you'd think nobody would really believe in these ever-increasing number of genders, oh how mistaken you were.  For not only does creating new genders make worthless academics feel like they're doing something for that taxpayer government grant you gave them, it also gives valueless people something to glom onto providing them false worth.

"I'm a pansexual androgine lesbian!"
"I'm a Masculine Bisexual Androfemale!"

Well good for you. Do you have a job?  Do you support yourself?  Are you majoring in engineering?  Do you pay taxes?

And what you'll find out is they don't...but they do have that obscure gender nobody else does!  And that's gotta count for something!  Right???

The result is largely what you're witnessing among confused millennials where you have emasculated men, masculinized women, nobody having dates or sex, and an explosion in other forms of differentiation (yet no production).  Tattoos, piercings, and (my all time favorite form of body mutilation) ear gauges.

This would be funny if it weren't for the fact these people insist on foisting their religion of pseudo-gender on the rest of society via law.  Do you remember the transgender bathroom fiasco Americans were forced to endure?  What about that bakery that was forced (then fined for not) baking a cake for a gay couple on religious grounds?  It's all cute fun and games until you're forced through law NOT to acknowledge their sexual preference (which you should), but rather to obey these people's pseudo-gender religion and dance to their tune.

Third, racism and sexism any one?

The pinnacle example is privilege.  It originally started with "white privilege" and "male privilege," but soon rapidly expanded (just like the number of genders) to include any other traits or variables normal, middle of America, Americans had.

Able-bodied privilege.
Mental health privilege.
Financial privilege.
Christian privilege.
Hetero privilege.

The insanity gets to be so much that unless you are a minority, non-straight female (or hermaphrodite) in a wheel chair who is not a Christian or hails from wealth...

then you should feel ashamed, guilty, and need to pay more in taxes.

Examples of political racism/sexism borne insanity doesn't end there.  If you're part of BLM you apparently have the right to block interstates.  Women will never seem to stop complaining about the wage gap, just as they never seem they'll ever be willing to major in subjects that will actually CLOSE the wage gap.  We're going to remove George Washington's pew from a church because he owned slaves 250 years ago.  And apparently women are so oppressed they can't afford birth control, so you better afford it for them.

This isn't to say racism and sexism hasn't existed in the history of this country or the world, but the above have nothing to do with race, but mental illness mixed with entitlement and a professional level of playing the victim for preferential treatment while cowardly hiding behind the genuine suffering of those who genuinely endured racism and sexism in the past.

And perhaps the most psychotic of them all - academia.

Here (like sexual harassment complaints) you can find a new and exciting example of mental illness coming out of America's colleges and universities EVERY DAY.

"Safe spaces," "triggering," "micro-aggressions," the aforementioned false rape accusation epidemic, all while you the taxpayers are guaranteeing these kids' worthless degrees.

The result is a generation of both professors and students who just refuse to adhere to reality or grow up, living in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Evergreen College's "day without whites."
Mizzou's racist temper tantrum in 2015 over...well, whites and privilege.
Dr. Jordan Peterson's refusal to use fake "zhe/zher" pronouns "triggered" precious Canadian college students.
And you just have to consult The College Fix to see a well-documented litany of higher education's complete unhinging from reality and its further sinking into the depths of insanity.

Now, I could go on, but, my fine centrist, politically undecided friend, riddle me this....

from where in the political spectrum is this literal mental insanity coming from?

I know, I know, back in the 80's you had to worry about the "religious right."  Nancy Reagan might have told you not to do drugs and Christians prefer you not abort your children.  And I know, I know, some right wing idiots protested in Charlottesville several months ago.

But in the totality of mental illness and insanity this country is drowning in, is it coming from the right or the left?  The democrats or the republicans? The socialists or the capitalists?

The answer is simple.  The left has a COMPLETE monopoly on the political mental illness that is currently infecting (or trying to infect) the country.  The left TOTALLY owns the insanity you see coming across the news wires daily.  It is the left that screams at the sky, feeds their infants all vegan diets, claim "Baby It's Cold Outside" is rapey, conjure up ideas like "safe spaces, ne'er leave academia to work in the real world, force people to use transgender bathrooms, force people to violate their religion, force people to use "genderless pronouns," and in general act like the world's most spoiled group of insolent, petulant little brats it has ever known, AND if you don't obey them, they threaten you with fees, fines, jail, the law, and force.

This is not an argument that you should all go out and become card-carrying republicans today.  Nor is it to say the right is not without its problems.  I am merely trying to point out which side of the political spectrum is leaving you alone to do as you please, while the other is demanding you do things for them, pay things for them, even demanding you THINK like them and if you don't, they will punish you.

Consider this the next time there's an election.
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Karl said...

Another great post Cappy. I agree - the left is sole owner of the craziness.

What would the GDP growth rate be if we exported all the liberals? Of course, it'd be bad for tattoo shops, coffee houses and universities...

America needs a solid two-party system where both sides want a great America. The left is AWOL - those who aren't actual traitors.

Anonymous said...

The left has infilitrated and looted the institutions and all this is left are potemkin villages -- the structures are still there, but what gave them power and value is long gone. Couple that with the mountains of debt that is going to be saddled on the backs of a young, ignorant (by design) generation with declining prospects and it Looks grim.

The legacy left by them will resemble Detroit.

Glen Filthie said...

You are either part of or a victim of the idiocy Aaron. Gay is not a gender, and dummies like you opened the door for the rest of these perverts when you conceded to the queers. Homosexuality is a mental illness, or at best, an indicator of potential mental illness. I've worked with queers, my daughter is a militant gay social justice warrior - I know how they think and how stupid people enable them.

You get off on pie charts, graphs and stats, right Aaron? Ask yourself this: are those compiled for the queers scientifically and statistically valid? If you ask that question honestly, you start noticing similarities between studies involving queers and studies involving environmentalism. Those idiots have their graphs and charts too.

You would do well to take a look in the mirror before crapping on people who can't appreciate factual data and common sense.

Anonymous said...

There are only two genders. Male and female. Who you fuck, and especially faggotry, is not a gender. Usually your articles ok but that bit about "straight bi and gay" being the 3 genders is retarded. If you aren't going to take the time to understand biology then don't talk about it because you just look retarded.

Hey Man said...

The vast majority of billionaires are Democrats (left).

They fund the movements that create artificial status for non-ownership criteria such as gender identity as a way to deflect attention from their massively disproportionate ownership.

Anonymous said...

You two schmucks are the retarded ones. Perhaps, you should read the article.

Anonymous said...

You keep spelling it *wrong*.


Anoneemoose said...

Fairly certain gay, bi and straight are orientations, not genders. Male and female are genders.

Anonymous said...

"To combat this the Captain would burn CD's (because that was the technology in the day) with various economic data so when the party he was at decided to gang up against him, he could point to the data, charts, and graphs empirically proving he was right, they were brainwashed, and perhaps they could reconsider their political and philosophical positions in life...and that cute redhead would go home with him."

I find myself in similar positions quite often. Curious what are your current favorite data, charts, and graphs you use to support your positions in this era?