Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How Tradthots Prove Western Civilization Doesn't Deserve to Survive

Six full years before "Conservathots" and "Tradthots" were coined, and a full 4 years before Laura Southern provided masturbation material for hard-up conservative beta males, there was a young girl called "Katie Kieffer."  She was a local Minneapolis girl, attending the University of St. Thomas I believe, and she hit the local conservative news network with force.  She was interviewed on the Jason Lewis show, she was interviewed on all the local conservative talk shows, she got a gig on Townhall, and soon was on Foxnews, CNN, MSNBC and all the other networks.

Who was this conservative starlet?
What great insights did she have into politics others didn't?
Was this the second coming of Ann Coulter?
And what sage wise Milton-Friedmanesque wisdom did this woman have?

The answer was "nothing."  She was just the original "proto-Conservathot."

After hearing enough about her I decided to look into her and found out she was just a pretty young 23 year old, regurgitating political talking points that Hannity had been doing for decades, and economic philosophers for centuries.  What particularly irked me was here was:

a spoiled child from the suburbs,
living on Daddy's dime,
attending a prestigious private college,
majoring in a worthless degree,
never worked a DAY in her life,
who couldn't possibly have the life experience to be sought after or championed by the conservative establishment


she gets on all the talk shows,
all the middle aged men in media pulling her favors,
a publishing deal from Random House,
for a millennial driveling book (though not a pamphlet like Laura Southern's),
paid speaking gigs,
and a plethora of other perks and preferential treatment that culminates into what is nothing short than an entire FREE life long career,

just because she's a cute set of T & A.

At the time I wrote it off for what it was - male nature.  Old, middle aged men want to bang hot younger women.  And if that rare unicorn of a cute young girl who isn't a liberal comes along, well just like the one black guy at a libertarian rally, he becomes your keynote speaker.  And so I left it at that, knowing "boys will be boys."

But then an interesting thing happened since 2011. Specifically, bandwidth.  It was increasing, coming down in price and this new company called "YouTube" was allowing people to make videos and post them on the internet for free.  I thought it was a great innovation, allowing the new media to pull off the trifecta of print (blogs), radio (podcasts), and television(YouTube) that the dinosaur media had, but it opened hell's gate to a scourge that would inevitably flood us - the TradThots.

It started with Julie Borowski who to this day I do not consider a Conservathot.  She was original, she was funny, and there was more than an ounce of original thought and originality to her videos.  But what could not be denied was the disproportionate number of views and followers she had compared to her male contemporaries.  A cute girl, saying obvious shit, would garner 500% more followers than men doing equal, if not, harder original intellectual work.  And not only would she get 500% more followers, nearly all those followers would be sexually deprived, beta conservative cucks who would sing their praises, telling them daily, nay, hourly how beautiful AND intelligent they were, not to mention...

contribute livable amounts of money to their patreon accounts.

Once the word got out, it became apparent Julie was merely going to be the original pioneer, blazing a trail for scores of lesser Tradthot settlers.  And from 2014 they came in by the truckload.

Tomi Lahren
Laura Southern
Libertarian Girl
Michelle Fields
Kirstin Tate
Brittany Pettibone
Shoe on Head
Lauren Rose

and my all time favorite

Leanne McAdoo

But come in by the truckload as they may, the scores of them rarely, if ever contributed anything of value, worth, or merit to the canon of conservative, free market, and libertarian work.  Not one of them advanced conservative or libertarian thought.  Not one of them originated an epiphany that might genuinely intrigue an intelligent mind.  They were merely eye candy, the cheerleaders on the sidelines, yet playing make-believe as if they were actually doing the heavy lifting on the field. 

If there was an ounce of intellectual honesty,  a modicum of meritocracy amongst the "non-left," these Tradthots would be recognized for the more-or-less pointless people they are.  Yes, they're pretty. And what guy doesn't like seeing a pretty set of legs on Foxnews?  But they're not.  They are instead instantly promoted to the top ranks of the establishment and social right.  They are rewarded with the fanfare, followers, subscribership, and popularity they have today.  Worse, the establishment invests precious economic, financial, time, media, and social capital into these Conservathots, more often than not presenting them as a poor face for the conservative movement.

But perhaps what was the straw that broke this camel's back was Laura Southern's book.  And not so much her book, but the response to it.

Laura Southern, perhaps the "Queen Thot" of the "conservative movement," wrote a book with the title:

"Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation."

You would think with a deep and heavy title like that it would be a long and thought-filled piece.  Each topic alone (Baby Boomers, immigration, Islam, Millennials, and generational economics) warranting easily 200 pages each.  Why, this must be her pinnacle life's work.  Her opus magnum.  Something that would take weeks to read, perhaps years to digest, and would rank among "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

It's a 90 page pamphlet.




This lackluster, lazy, and ultimately "mailing it in" work effort should obviously have been mocked and ridiculed right off the stage.  Forget that it was written by a know-nothing (then) 20 year old child.  Forget that it could not have done ANY of the topics in the title adequate justice.  A book with that title coming in at only 90 pages should have an Amazon sales rank of 12,000,000th place, a 1 star review, and no more than 30 copies sold to close (and charitable) family and friends.

The reality?

It's currently ranked 58,000th place (VERY GOOD for a self published book)
Has 377 reviews.
And a 4.5 star rating out of 5 possible stars.

This puts this comic-book-size-joke of a book on par with OR ABOVE actual great intellectual works such as The Way of Men, Capitalism and Freedom, Pushing Rubber Downhill, and Bang.  And it is SOLELY due to the fact that Laura Southern has a cute set of tits.

The lesson to learn here, however, is not one of besmirching, mocking and ridiculing Conservathots and Tradthots. In all honesty I can't blame these pretty girls (whether they're actually conservative or not) at all for capitalizing on their beauty.  If conservative, libertarian, and non-leftist men are horny and stupid enough to reward beauty over intelligence, then so be it.  I hope these girls continue to make millions on their patreons and really lousy books.  But that's the key point right there.

"Rewarding beauty over intelligence."

And that is why western civilization deserves to die.

Understand I don't expect a lot of people in my corner.  Women are lobbied and propagandized to love a government check more than their family or husband.  Minorities are lobbied to sacrifice economic success for the democrat party.  And shoot, the political ideology of libertarianism, freedom, and excellence is just not all that palatable to the rank and file sheeple out there who want their gubmint gimmedats and craddle-to-grave hammock socialism.

But if you can't even get conservative and libertarian men to reward excellence, intelligence, freedom, meritocracy, and genuine intellectual originality over T & A, then what kind of society can you possibly expect to have?  If you have what is presumably the most conservative, freedom loving and moral of men, the stewards and defenders of a free society, sending their likes, subscriptions, forwards, money, and overall general support to 21 year old female children because "titties" why should genuine intellectual titans, philosophers, and advocates defend that civilization?

I wrote the book "Enjoy the Decline" for a reason.  And now that I see a cute set of tits is more important to the majority of self-proclaimed conservative and libertarian men than the freedom and greatness Western Civilization became over these past 3,000 years, you'll forgive me if I do just that.

If you want to read some REAL BOOKS that aren't merely 90 page pamphlets and know...have something intelligent to say, consider purchasing one of my books which you can find here.  That's if you can take a break from jerking off to Tradthots and would like to actually improve your mind.


thepeplspro said...

mmm... Hilarious, and sadly true

Ann Sterzinger said...

Wait... are you telling me I should take my top off?

Quartermain said...

Lots has changed since the '60's, for one thing conservatives didn't rock and roll.

Bee said...

Original thoughts are not what we should solely judge these women on. Other effective things they may do are; attract other women, perform "Gotcha Journalism", create cultural works. Lauren Southern has done some valuable "Gotcha's". She walked into an Ontario drivers license office and told them she had just moved there and then ordered a new drivers license as a man. The office bureaucrats identified her as a man with a picture ID to prove it. Another time she asked feminists at a woman's march if they would choose Sharia Law or Feminism? The logic fails in their answers were very revealing.

Trads need all four; original thoughts, Gotcha's, investigative reporting, and culture.

CBMTTek said...

While I agree, for the most part, with everything you say, there is one advantage.

Sex Sells.

Are you more likely to buy a Toyota when 'Jan' is advertising it, or when some aging race car driver is in the commercials? Lily from AT&T is easy on the eyes, Paul from Sprint is not. Which commercial's message is more likely to stick in your mind?

If someone that is relatively new to conservatism is looking for some editorial content, and they dial in Shoe On Head on YouTube, they are not necessarily going to hear in-depth analysis, but they will get the message. On the other hand, no one is going to click on a YouTube video that shows Rush Limbaugh sitting at a microphone for 5 minutes. (Even well established conservatives)

One thing that you are not addressing here is the media is, sometimes, the message.

The Bechtloff said...

I've been telling you that for years Ann.

Anonymous said...

Also, cute girls can change young men’s minds.đŸ˜€

Ronald said...

Leanne "tits" McAdooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

seriouslypleasedropit said...

You can take some heart. When one achieves a certain level of alienation like I have, you start to just instinctively recoil from a perky set of tits in media---because nothing is accidental. Most things are not popular. Tits are. Thus, if you see any particular content, accompanied by a nice figure, chances are that it is not worth your time---because most things aren't. Normally any content delivered to you has a high chance of being relevant/quality, because of our slick upvote/like/views system. But if the reason you're seeing something is either because it's quality, or it had a thot...the likelihood is that it's the latter.

The Last Psychiatrist got it right: If you're watching it, it's for you.

glenn said...

Leg man myself. Happily and faithfully married for almost 54 years. Here’s my helpful hint. The conservative chicks were always the hotties.

Unknown said...

Not unless you get a boob job.

Unknown said...

Not unless you get a boob job.

Anonymous said...

Even Pamela Geller flaunts herself because she knows attractiveness sells. Hell, look at Milo!

senior beta said...

So you are telling me real life is like high school? The hot girls go to the head of the line? Damn.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too worked up Captain. I'm as conservative as they come and I don't recognize a single one of those names.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too - not a single name, I had to google them all to see who they were. - Well, to see, umm... nevermind... ;)

Mark Matis said...

So just what's wrong with these women having a larger audience than what would be justified by their wit and wisdom? Are they not at least spreading truth beyond the borders where it would otherwise be available? You're starting to sound like all those who trashed the bill to dump Obamacare because it didn't go far enough, or who now screech and wail against the tax overhaul for the same reason. Do you not understand that the Communists have taken over this country generally one small step at a time? They demand everything, but then are willing to negotiate down to some lesser change that still moves the country in the direction they want. And then as soon as that's signed into law, they start the process all over again. How do you eat the elephant? One bite at a time.

Be glad they are at least somewhat on the conservative side, instead of wearing Che. And how many of them are #NeverTrumpers? Now THERE are people who deserve unlimited scorn and disdain...

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? They're doing the work. This sounds like envy to me

iron3101 said...

"...and a plethora of other perks and preferential treatment that culminates into what is nothing short than an entire FREE life long career,

just because she's a cute....."

I'm hearing some sour grapes here, perhaps because these women are competing in your market.

Since the beginning of time cute girls have had a competitive advantage and suddenly you're indignant.

Take a breath, hire a fox to read your youtube rants, and watch your clicks rise.

Anonymous said...

Envy doesn't suit you, Cap. Those ladies are doing good work. So are you. Live and let live, move along.

no pasarĂ¡n said...

I recognized maybe one of the names you mentioned. I wasn't interested enough to google them. But your essay reeks of sour grapes and envy which does not become you. Focus on your own ideas, thoughts, and marketing, and stop whining that conservatives don't buy your books because you lack sex appeal. I used to read your blog everyday, but I finally stopped because you seem to really dislike women. As a woman, I finally couldn't overlook the undisguised disdain for my sex that permeates virtually all your work. BORING, bro.

Anonymous said...

Three things:

1. A large part of these women's fans aren't conservatives or libertarians. They're normal people who are fed up with the left. People who often don't have a very deep knowledge of politics. Many of them are somewhat apolitical or even liberal-leaning. And for them, "tradthots" can be a gateway to more profound conservative/libertarian thinkers.

2. Maybe, "tradthots" don't add anything new to the conversation, but they don't have to. The left is too irrational to be convinced by logic and arguments. But girls like Lauren Southern can do real damage to the left. When other girls see how easy it is for them to get lots of financially generous fans, some of them will give the right a chance. (Or what did you think why there are more and more of these girls?)

3. The reason why the left isn't cool anymore isn't just because of what they do and say. It's equally about how they present themselves. To any sane person the left today looks like a bunch of boring, unsexy, tantrum-happy weirdos. So, as long as they're capable of forming coherent sentences, there could be worse figureheads than pretty young women with a large audience.

bezotch said...

I don't disagree with your points, per se, only your perspective.
It's about whether or not they are producing a product or marketing a product.
Are they accomplishing much producing Libertarian and free market ideas? No!
Are they accomplishing much marketing Libertarian and free market ideas? Yes!
One can have skill in one area and not the other.
Both are needed, and there is a space for them to contribute what they have to offer.

Having the best (fill in the blank) that the world has never heard of is not a recipe for success.
Even mediocre products that are marketed well can be successful.
The left has been very successful marketing a crappy set of ideas.
Those with a Libertarian leaning can not be satisfied having the best ideas that the world ignores. That is what has gotten us to where we are now.
They may not be developing the ideas, have the best understanding, or even be particularly good at coherently explaining them, but they are very good at promoting these ideas.
Charismatic spokespeople are used in business and politics because it works better than the alternative.
Complaining that it is unfair that they have an advantage promoting ideas solely because they are beautiful is no more valid a criticism than if they were to complain that you had an unfair advantage developing ideas solely because you were more intelligent.
Either you accept the reality of the world and navigate accordingly or you spend your time whining about how unfair life is.

On a less serious note (it's only funny because it's true) if you were to "self-identify" as a beautiful 23 year old woman, you too would become a media darling and gain an out sized platform to promote yourself and your ideas. (Okay, it's more like gallows humour than outright funny. Yeah, our civilization is pretty badly screwed)

Anonymous said...

Booth babes don't design the product, they just guide the eyes in the general direction towards it. I think these girls are an overall positive regarding introducing people to the benefits of smaller government and a freer society. Sex sells and they are being sexy/attractive while selling good ideas.

I don't think there's much to worry about. The thinkers can still do their thinking and writing, and the booth babes can bring the eyes over to that content. (Aaron, you do exactly that with The Rational Redhead and Cindy throughout your blog.) Not a bad trade-off if the goal is to improve society.

262 said...

I don't think the Captain's main complaint is to the girls themselves. Obviously, he knows sex sells. He's said that before in his videos. He's also used a few pictures that cute fangirls have sent him, with his products, in order to sell them.

No, I think the Captain's main complaint is actually directed at a significant number of Western "conservatives." Specfically, those who actually have such little self-control that they'll donate REAL money to almost any girl who can FAKE conservative values well enough for a camera, but not for real life.

The question that the other comments haven't addressed is: if even a significant number of Western "conservatives" can't display enough self-control to keep their wallets shut for the real deal, who will?

Anonymous said...

so how is any of what you said here original and not regurgitating what a fuckton of other bloggers and conservative intellectuals have already said?

Nate Winchester said...

Also repeating old thoughts is useful since every year there are a whole host of people who have never heard of these things. They're called babies and when they get old enough if a cute girl gets them to listen to ancient wisdom... that's not nothing.

TTT said...

The worst thing is that most of them are not even that pretty.

Tomi Lahren has a receding hairline.
Lauren Southern has a funny face.

They are just 7s and 7.5s who happen to say what cuckservative losers want to hear.

Steffen said...

Cap, embrace the cynicism. Find a perky attractive woman on board with being your video mouthpiece, and you can be her brain daddy. Marketing problem solved.

I admire and appreciate the one-man-band effort. Personally, I hate having to manage employees.

grey enlightenment said...

so now we're sexist because Lauren Southern is not the intellectual equal of Nietzsche or Ayn Rand

Unknown said...

I have to agree. It is clear from watching their videos that these girls have very little to say. When they do have something to say it is always an idea from somebody else.

However, if they can bring more people round to our ideas then that could possibly be a good thing.

I also agree that people who give these girls money must have rocks for brains.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

"But come in by the truckload as they may, the scores of them rarely, if ever contributed anything of value, worth, or merit to the canon of conservative, free market, and libertarian work."

Leave it to butthurt gammas bitterly complain about the infusion of women into the Alt Right. I mean, who will make your pudding?

Anonymous said...

Gentleman, Gentleman,

There is a reason they call it A DUMB STICK!!!!!

hermilion said...

Cappie, you are missing a point - those girlies are there for a reason - a majority of people are in IQ range of <85-115> and they are *not* going to listen to you. Why? Because a gap of intelligence makes them unable to understand you.

This why we need those people - to feed down ideas .. and if they are hot? All the better - low IQ people go for such things.

Unknown said...

Great piece. Shared.

VentiMan said...

Ive thought the same on many of these fem talking heads. Im sure the same said for the lib side. Its called the Digital age.. If not for the web and whats sprung from it.. Non of these folks would be known or famous etc etc. Same can be said for this page. Yet the sex sells is pre web and still works..In any field Pick golf and the massive T&A golf'ets that have sprung forth. The political world no different. Hollywood is LOADED with T&A less your rad lib do you really care to listen to what they say. No most probably tick you off so much and you care less how hot they may be. We also live i the world of cable news 24/7. And as someone said avg IQ 85-115 If all these gals were like a Buckley Jr they be holding 2nd jobs to make ends meet. WHY? the avg person would get board by them. PBS not known as a bastion of conservative or libertarian views. Still struggles. At getting large viewers. But they wanna retain the Buckley Jr standard. So No Tomi lahren on PBS. And remember William F. Buckley's home was PBS. So you need these gals to feed down ideas. You want them to ? or let Ocasio-Cortez ? to the mass