Thursday, December 07, 2017

Or Maybe Laura Davies Should Just Raise Her Fucking Children

I love how the BBC doesn't provide the author's name in the article or allow for comments.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the part-time mommies! Especially the SINGLE part-time mommies. I remember so many incidents from my 30+ years in graphic design.

“Can you finish this up for me? I have to go pick up my kids from daycare” (funny how the pickup time always changes) or “I have to pick up Chelsea early; she’s having a meltdown.” Always, always some kid-emergency. Dare to complain and you are an evil, selfish bitch or bastard! So be a good chump and clean up after these perpetually suffering mommies.

Does this favor get returned when you need someone to cover for you. No, it does not.

"Young Women's Trust chief executive Dr. Carole Easton said employers with "outdated, discriminatory views" were missing out on important talent. 'Employers should value young women's contributions to their workplaces and do more to accommodate them, including by offering more flexible and part-time working opportunities' she said.”

Spoken by a person who has probably NEVER worked in anything but non-profit, tax-funded “programs” of dubious worth. It’s damned hard to get into management or really, any job with deadlines, make-or-break responsibilities, etc. on a part-time or “flexible” schedule. You need to be there and available for whatever comes up, not on the phone chatting with your spoiled kid about what snacks he is allowed to have or asking the daycare lady if Hunter ate his gluten-free, organic lunch that day.

I could yammer on but I won’t.

Frozen Minnesotan

Anonymous said...

Uh, so her complaint is that Part Time employees have less opportunity for training and advancement than Full Time employees? The horror! Where is the Rosa Parks of Part Time employees!!??!!

daniel_ream said...

Maybe Laura Davies should just raise a kettlebell now and again.

Anonymous said...

"It's no fair that people who work harder than me get more opportunities at work". Basically the argument of every self entitled woman.

I hear stuff like that from women now because they have to "work so hard" for like 1/3rd of my pay. Maybe because I paid my dues up front and learned software engineering?

liberranter said...

Gawd, what a disgusting landwhale! Is there even room for both her AND her children at home? It's probably a good thing that Larda Davies doesn't want to be bothered with her own children; imagine the toxicity of her influence.

Anyhoo, the great thing about deh interwebz is that it doesn't matter whether or not one chooses to allow comments on one's site. Other bloggers can link to the tripe one has written and open up the floor on their own site for the world to draw out its poison pens and savage away. The delicious irony is that very often the blogger who links and sets up comments outdraws the original article and the site it appeared on. Sweet justice indeed.

All of that said, I feel badly for having clicked the link to the original article. Neither the BBC, the anonymous author(esse, I have to assume), or "Laura Davies" deserve the traffic.