Thursday, December 21, 2017

"Sports Economists"

Heaven help us.

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Anonymous said...

I predict when all is said and done, MLS will be seen as a black mark in the history of US soccer. The league is nothing more than a get in / get out scheme for owners, as well as a quick payday for washed up megastars.

As evidenced by the ridiculous top down management, salary cap, and lack of a promotion / relegation system, the priority of the league isn't to deliver quality, but simply to exist. And in the meantime, completely fail at generating quality domestic talent, to a point where we can't even get a result vs a tiny island country with the World Cup on the line.

Most importantly, the league keeps trying this "expansion" crap, like "we shall bestow upon you a team, and said team will result in lots of cheer". That's not how, like, any famous club started off. Go ask a Celtic FC fan, for example: most likely, his family has been cheering the team since before the charge of the light brigade. The team became big because fans cared. Fans don't care when you slap a team in front of them and claim it's a big deal.