Thursday, December 21, 2017

This is Why Everybody Hates the Millennials

This.  Exactly this.


Jim Scrummy said...

In a year, when the Zerocare mandate is gone, the millenial kids will not have any excuse to be on mommy and daddy's health insurance plan. Time to grow up kiddos... Yeah it sucks sometimes to be an adult, but many of you also voted for Obamer, thus voted against your own interests. So smart...? So, I have no empathy for many of you who earned that worthless piece of paper majoring Cistrangender anthropology womyn's studies and have to live at home with $100K+ in student debt. Now fix me my overpriced crappy mocha triple shot latte, with no soy milk you weakling soy boy...because I have a nice career and didn't major in something worthless.

Anonymous said...

The comments were actually more valuable than the article itself, but capn crappy pants was too fuckin' lazy to look, you fuckin' stupid jackoff.

Anonymous said...

I like how everyone forgets to mention how the millions of WW2 soldiers storming Europe were enslaved at gunpoint and forced to march to their death at gunpoint, fighting in a war with no relevance to the US on the other side of the world that drove us into crippling debt and was used as justification to trample domestic freedom.

All the while we were rounding up Japanese Americans and throwing them into concentration camps in blatant violation of their constitutional rights.

Hitler could barely manage to keep France. *France* There's no way he would be able to take England, and no chance in hell of even getting a foothold in Canada, much less the US. Let the continentals handle their own problems. As for the Pacific, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because they thought we were distracted with the mess in Europe. Not being involved in that mess, it's likely Japan would have let sleeping dogs lie. Even if they didn't, small losses in Hawaii do not justify the horrific bloody war to crush Japan that ensued. "Turn the other cheek" as the saying goes. A sunken cost is a sunken cost.

WW2 draftees were not heroes. They were fools and cowards for not turning their guns on the true enemies of freedom at home. If you're forced to fight and die at government gunpoint, at least die defending your family's freedom at home instead of fighting a politician's hobby war overseas.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anonymous. That took balls to say and I could not agree more

Jim Scrummy said...

Hey Anon #2, why don't you go back and study your history. It is apparent you don't know jack shittle about the origins of WWII. The Japanese had started a war in China in 1931, because of their military junta had thoughts of an empire. Rape of Nanking ring a bell? So, when the Brits and the USA found out the crap the Japanese were doing to the native Chinese population (show trial, torture, and other tyrannical stuff like murder), the Brits and USA imposed a trade embargo on the Japanese in 1941. It squeezed the Japanese, particularly the importation of oil (you know stuff that makes the military run...). The Japanese attacked simultaneously on Dec. 7/8 (depending on which side of the International Dateline the attacks took place). The Japanese forces attacked Malaysia (via Thailand from Indochina), which was a British colony. The Japanese also attacked the Philippines (a US commonwealth, moving towards independence) and Wake Island (US territory), a US military outpost. All of these attacks eventually resulted in Japanese victories in late Decemeber 1941 into early 1942. So, when the US military and its territory is blatantly attacked without warning, it's your world. Just walk away and everything will be okay. Gee, what did the Japanese do to the Filipinos during their occupation of the islands (hint: rape, pillage, plunder, and murder innocent civilians, but that's okay in your world, right?)

Oh, Germany and Italy declared war on the USA on December 11, 1941. Gee, the USA should've sued for peace your soyboy latte world.

Anon #2, you should ask for a refund of your edumacation, because you really are stupid not to know some of the facts in regards to WWII.

thepeplspro said...

As for the "courageous" anonymous above

and for the rest of the reasonable and honourable people of the world... Merry Christmas

Mike said...

You're reaching hard to justify your own cowardice, kid.