Saturday, December 30, 2017

Deprioritizing Women in Your Life

I can honestly say (as will most men) that the single largest waste of our time was chasing girls in our youth.  A friend of mine and I often noted that had we spent the same resources, time, energy, and finances pursuing doctorates or careers, we would be immeasurably better off, and arguably with the same level of success with women.  The "repriortization" or "depriortization" of women in your life is not only key to the success of every young man, but ironically, the key to being successful with women.  Merely "chasing girls" does not build character, galvanize you, give you skills, or make you into the man women seek out.  But pursuing your own hobbies, interests, careers, and education does, ironically meaning if you want women, don't make them a priority.

Still, I had a client ask an interesting question about when did I realize the time and resources spent pursuing women was not worth it and the story is of value for any young (or old) man today.


Maniac said...

I've sometimes found that the best way to get attention from women is to pay no attention to them. Many of them appreciate the whole mystique thing.

SM777 said...

It's amazing how that the "I don't need no man" mindset quickly disappears around 35. That's when women start to outnumber men. Factor in that 4 out of 5 homos are male and one is a lesbian and that 7 out of 8 people in prison are men and one is a women and the higher death rate for men throughout life, at 40-45 they start (seriously and sincerely) to ask "Where are all the good men?".

My answer, openly and many times over, "There are two places where you can definitely find a good man, so keep your weight down and your attitude in check when you meet them and you might luck out and find a husband. First, the graveyard and also back in your 20's where you left them".

Whenever I date a woman over 40, which is not often, I do pick the prettiest and mostly in shape ones and still the first thing they want when said date is 2/3 done is sex.

It's basic supply and demand. More of men are dead starting in the late 30's. We men have a noticeably shorter lifespan. When the women finally figure it out, which is quite late in that game due to their general inability to forecast the future and because math, they either turn nympho or immediately double their body weight.

The ones who have their noses too high and reach 40 with a badboy divorce somewhere in their past have what? an 80% probablity of 40 years of being by themselves? Or, being "independent" whether they like it or not. It's amazing how much most of them intensely hate being "independent" over age 40. In fact, it does appear to drive them crazy(er).

Anonymous said...

Oh captain my captain - great advice especially in the video... I am in my mid 50’s and there are many “damaged” women out there who create drama to feel alive or something. I’ve found like you said that simple pleasures of our hobbies and work far exceeds dealing with a drama woman. As you said one advantage of being older is the testosterone drop makes “the urge to merge,” far less compelling... and this aloofness (as the red pill states) makes you even more desirable to most women.
Happy New Year

LordSomber said...

Chase women --> lose money.
Chase money --> gain women.