Sunday, December 31, 2017

Episode #235 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy visits The Great One in the People's Republic of Fort Collins and they talk about:

Nebraska and Sterling, Colorado.
How Foghorn Leghorn was the original MGTOW.
What happens when liberals leave college?  Do they EVER succeed?  No.
The For Profit Rape Industry.

And MORE in THIS EPISODE of the Clarey Podcast.

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YIH said...

Here's a brain teaser for 'ya Cappy: There used to be a tiny Chickenhawk that would ''attack'' (pester) Foghorn Leghorn regularly. He did have a name (other than ''the littlest Chickenhawk''), what was it?

Anonymous said...

The bootcamps are nearly as worthless as the degrees, in general. Their saving grace is that they are cheaper. Three weeks of hard study during nights and weekends using free online sources will render as much skill as a six month $40,000 bootcamp.

This comes from partially from my hiring experience in Seattle. Candidates came from multiple pretentious bootcamps. They were just as bad as the fresh college grads.

Secondly it comes from working with both kinds of graduates in the real world in real jobs doing real work.

Before anyone jumps in with that one good graduate they knew, if they are truly any good they could have gained those skills on their own at no cost and a faster rate. Bootcamps and colleges alike are ineffective because they cannot consistently produce results in graduates while consistently flunking out those who cannot cut the mustard. They are merely incidental to learning.

Anonymous said...

Ah,the PRFC, my birth (not home) town. It wasn't always like that. Used to be more western, more cowboy. Now it's crunchy east california.

Anonymous said...

If it’s hard to explain Foghorn Leghorn to millennials, just imagine explaining Senator Claghorn, from whom the character is derived.

janvi said...
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