Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"We Got 'Em!" - Aka "The Position of Fuck You"

I wanted to highlight this podcast by The Black Brigade Debrief because of a particular story he tells in this episode.  It was about how one of his employers would say "we got 'em!!!!" when a new hire, upon accepting their job offer, would go out and borrow money to buy a brand new car or truck.

I cannot emphasize this enough about gray haired bosses and baby boomer scum and how they look at the younger generations as a source to feed upon.  Your employers, the corporations, and supervisors do NOT look at you as some kind of "vital member to the team," but rather as a tool to advance their own aims.  And they CONSCIOUSLY push younger people to endebt themselves so that you need them more than they need you, thus allowing them NOT ONLY the ability to squeeze more work out of you for less pay, but to maliciously and sadistically get off on treating you like shit.

Do NOT go into debt.
Do NOT buy cars you can't afford.
Do NOT sign mortgages for McMansions cause wifey poo wants you to.

Be a minimalist.  Spend within your means.  Stay out of debt. And get into The Position of Fuck You.


Chris said...

What's particularily frustrating is that a lot of these Boomers act like they can't get good help, but then you come along and perform way above average then they try to pull the ol' "I can't afford to pay you more" spiel.

I really am an accessory to his business. I'm too valuable as a labourer and too hard to replace for him to promote/advance me. I had to explain to him that at 30 I'm too old to be the good little foot soldier in hopes that one day I get somewhere, and so if I can land a better paycheque somewhere else I will take it.

Part of the problem is the uwillingness of younger people to step into entry-level roles and allow people at the bottom to move up. It's the supply/demand pressure on both sides of the equation that makes it tough.

yoyodyne said...

Borrowing to fund your education so you can make more money is a great idea, especially as it is mostly tax-advantaged.

Similarly for housing, as long as you can afford your payments. Most people don't want to rent forever and don't have $250k cash lying around.

BDFT said...

I see this all the time in the mining and forest industry. A 20-something with a grade 12 eduscation can make high 5 figures the first year on the job. He (or she) immediately runs out and drops 100,000.00+ on a new pickup, snowmobile, motorcycle, etc. Then they are trapped working overtime just to make ends meet. God help them if they ever get laid off. Bosses don't like miserable old coots like me who won't work for free.

David v. Rudisill said...

Brilliant post! However, the cultural brainwashing in American to get in debt and spend more than you make is so strong that I'm afraid you efforts may fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

No one should ever buy a new car. Go buy a year old car from Hertz or Enterprise. Half the price as new and only 38k miles on it.

Glen Filthie said...

Aaron - get stuffed already, okay? JFC.

I'm leading edge Gen X or tail end Boomer, depending on who defines the terms. Born in '64. I am having to mentor and manage young men coming onto the workforce and I NEVER take that attitude toward them. I know we can't offer young men career positions and opulent salaries, positions like that don't grow on trees. You have to WORK FOR THEM the same way I did. That isn't discrimination cupcake - that's the way it is. I didn't get my first career level job until I was in my 40's. There were too many women and vibrants that needed good jobs too, I guess.

Fact is - although I'm careful about it - when I see a young person with smarts and ability I take them aside, I tell them they are too smart to be working for us, and that I will be happy to provide a reference for them if they need one.

I was taking chit off baby boomers when you were chasing bubble gummers in high school. I worked for the worst of the worst of them. Most of the slobs you are talking about are now fully retired and bitching about their 'fixed incomes' that they are forced to live on. (Apparently the motorhome, vacation properties and all their frills aren't enough).

You younger guys will be answering to guys like me, now. We know where you've been, we know it's tough because we've been there ourselves. Put your shoulders into it. Don't complain, and always keep your eye peeled for a REAL job. Be flexible, because they probably won't crop up where you expect to see them. Stay out of debt and save your money. Don't vote for fuckheads like Obama, don't date feminists. It's simple, really but you have to look after yourself because nobody else will. It's always been like that and probably always will. Get in the game, and play to win.

mothersmurfer said...

Relevant movie scene:

Bill said...

As I've said before, life isn't so much about winning as it is about not fucking up.
Dumb decisions happen more than lucky windfalls.

Tucanae Services said...

Scum bucketry is not limited to Boomers. Case in point -- Zuckenberg. He is the quintessential Mr. Potter right out of Millenialdom.


Get real. Trench jobs pay what the market demands, no more. If you think you are better than a trench job, then go out and get it. No company stays in business paying more than competition for the same function.


Its tax advantaged no more in general. The new tax bill has put a $10k cap on mtg expense.

Glen Filthie,

Good comment. But I Boomer had to earn the same stripes and my 'career' didn't trigger till 35.

Couple of points --

* Working for the Man will NEVER pay you what you are worth. True regardless the age of the boss. That is a structural arrangement. If a business cannot make a profit off the presence of the employee they won't have any. Clarey is a living example of that.

* If you would not do what you are doing if they did not pay you; then you hold a JOB. Nothing wrong with that. Careers are rare.

* Have you looked at the org chart? Where do you fit? Do you see a path to where you want to be if it is a company you like? No? Well then you are either clueless or just treading water. If there is no path and you don't like your position what the he77 are you doing there?

Anonymous said...

10/10 Seen it

My company hires the bottom rung of managers and sends them to manager camp for a while and then sends them out. They are 24 hour reachable, and can be moved to the other end of the country at a moment's notice any time they pick up the phone. Bonus-focused pay at the end of the year, but is awarded by the district boss however he likes so it's very political and protege-centered. Some thrive but most burn out quickly. The company is always thrilled to gets them a deal on a big-ass truck and are glad to help with the insurance and reimburse business miles.

But now, they got your balls in a vise. Got to toe the line when you got a big payment and all good money comes months later if you brown-nose enough. In the mean time it's just a car note and credit card bills from trying to placate the Mrs. from realizing how much easier it would be to just carve off half and find someone who pays attention to her.

White 4door F-250, the anchor with air conditioning.