Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ocean's 8

Really?  There's no original ideas left in Hollywood but to remake "with women?"

And isn't it insulting to women that instead of an original movie starring women, you simply take what men did 20-30 years ago and recast with women?

How hard was it to make Wonder Woman?  That was original, starred a woman, and was a good original movie.

I guess I'll be watching more documentaries and listening to more history podcasts because I'm sick of the rehashes.


dorfer21 said...

But... But.. It's better!!! See where the Men needed 11 people.. the Womyn only need 8!!! See they're much better at being Men than Men!

dorfer21 said...

But, but, but WOMYN! They're so much better! They only need 8 WOMEN to do the job of 11 MEN!

Jim Scrummy said...

It's gonna suck. The ghostbusters with women sucked. Hollyweird with it's sexual harassers and pedos, has been out of ideas for a long long long time. Why bother to see this craptacular waste of money?

David said...

I guess my boycott of movie theaters since 2007 isn't going to end anytime soon. I guess I will just sit at home and watch all my pre-2000 movies on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services while pretending that Hollywood stopped making movies in the past 20 years.

They want me to pay $10-12 dollars per ticket to watch the crap being produced by Hollyweird? Say what you want about "sportsball". At least I feel like I am getting more entertainment value going to a game than going to the movies anymore.

CBMTTek said...

Now, to be honest, I saw a remake of the Dirty Dozen that was all female, and frankly, I thought it was much better than the original. Telly Savalas and Ernest Borgnine would not have been able to pull off most the scenes anyway.

Jay said...

The ideal of this post is fully encapsulated in the recent Cars 3.
In the first Cars we see a character with the skills, drive, and motivation to make his way in the world. Yet suffering from a lack of wisdom, wisdom he ultimately obtains from a male role model.

In 3 (2 was just a joke movie, moving on), what do we see? We see a woman forcing herself into the male space, tagging along, slowing him down. Being coddled and wasting valuable time while the men take time out of their pursuits to soothe her feelings. A woman too terrified and non-committed to grab the spotlight she craved. Making no decisions and providing nothing of value throughout the whole movie all the while the man struggles to overcome the conflict he must face. Only to have, at the last minute the woman FORCED into the lead position by the MAN, where she parrots the previous actions of men, while still requiring men speak to her like a child so she can understand what she must do. Ultimately stealing the credit of all the hard work and effort of the man. Culminating in the man abandoning his entire struggle and purpose to play second fiddle to the woman he now must hand-hold if she is to be successful.

We won't go into the stereotypical and absolutely absurdist portrayal of non-established male characters.

Nathon Fillion should be ashamed... AHSAMED! he put his voice to this evil pile of dung.

Anonymous said...

"was a good original movie." Did we watch the same movie? It was really just Captain America (complete with "death factory" raids) but based in the WW1 era. At least, that's what I garnered from watching the first half. I gave up watching halfway through and to this day I still don't know how it ended.