Friday, December 08, 2017

How Valerie Johnson Perfectly Defines White Privilege

If you didn't know, one of the local suburban mayors here - one Valerie Johnson - had a meltdown when she was challenged on "white privilege" during a city council meeting.  There's not much to say about her (as there's surprisingly little about her on the internet),  but I am not here to analyze her politics or to administer her The Clarey Test.  There is more important role she serves and that is she allows us to truly understand what "white privilege" is so that instead of rolling your eyes the next time a leftist brings it up or blindly believing it as a liberal or leftist, we know exactly what we're talking about and we can actually move the concept forward and make tangible progress in improving race relations.

First, notice it is largely leftist white people who are the most ardent supporters of white privilege.  Certainly non-whites may believe in the concept, just as women would be prone to believe in "male privilege," but when it comes to race notice it's most ardent cheerleaders are not blacks, hispanics, latinos, or Asians, but whites, typically in public positions.  Mayors, congressmen, professors, university administrators, media types, even white people on social media.  As long as the spot light is on them, they all eerily seem to really care about "white privilege."

This should raise the hairs on non-whites who believe in "white privilege" and raise the eyebrows of nearly everybody.  Why is it white public figures all of the sudden have jumped on the white privilege bandwagon these past 5 years, while nearly no white person when asked in private believes in white privilege.  There is something about being in public that forces you to believe in white privilege, bringing up the prospect that you really don't believe it deep down inside at all.  And that missing variable is "acceptance."

Acceptance for what?

Well acceptance for your own personal advancement.

For example, it's very clear why mayoral candidates and other politicians claim to believe in white privilege - it gets them the minority vote.  Notice how the entire New Brighton City Council is all white.  Or how Minneapolis' former mayor was white too (but couldn't shut the f up about "privilege" her entire administration).  Odd they believe so much in white privilege because if they did, they'd give up their seat and allow some non-whites to serve.

But it's not relegated simply to candidates for public office paying lip service to minorities to win their vote (the democrats have been doing that to blacks for years!).  Take for example universities.  Universities have be lauding their white-privilege and diversity credentials for about the past 2 decades under the premise they want to help minorities close the wage gap.  And they intend to do that by providing minorities college educations that will lead them to great careers.

But do they?

In reality universities, and ESPECIALLY programs like "African American Studies" completely scam minority students out of their money simply to enrich themselves. I  don't have to highlight the score of articles written about some poor minority college student who wasted $150,000 on some worthless liberal arts degree or got some kind of law degree in "social justice" endebting them an additional $200,000 in debt, and now can't find a job.  Up front and with all the lip service, yes, these university professors and administrators all seemed to want to help non-whites, because.. "well of course!  They SAID they believe in white privilege!"  But in hindsight they simply robbed minorities (and especially women I might add) out of 100's of thousands of dollars and 4 to 8 years of their youth.  The ulterior motive of public white people who stand by "white privilege" could not be any clearer.

And then there's just popularity.  This is more the domain of social media and celebrity types.  Angelina Jolie and others who adopt minority children are merely virtue signaling to show you what good, open-minded, non-racists they are (even though they don't give a damn about the children).  The infamous Amy Biehl murder, whose parents forgave her black murderers, is another example of putting your popularity above...well, nearly everything else.  But more commonly you just have to go to your average white woman/girl under 30's social account and she will more than likely, and loudly, proclaim how much she believes in white-privilege and can't wait to welcome some refugees into the country.  Again, the hair on the back of your head should go up when a drunk white girl tries to tell you how much you're oppressed and how much she loves minorities because she's doing it for popularity and herself, not you.

This ultimately is what defines white-privilege (or any political concept of privilege).  It is a tool to win over non-whites so that that person may advance themselves individually.  The problem though is blaming white people does nothing tangibly to improve the plight of minorities (hello democrat party?  hello detroit?)  Worse, it wrongly diagnoses the problem minorities, women, or other victims of privilege face, ensuring their problem is never solved and their lives never improve.

For example, you can take the TOTALITY of ALL the written works about racism and white-privilege, be it academic studies, journals, news media, social media and political speeches, etc., as to why minorities (bar Asians and middle-easterners and a handful of other races) make less than whites.  It would be MILLIONS of pages long with hundreds of billions of words.  And you could take all of it that has been written, read, or discussed over the past 30-40 years.

None of that will help minorities as much as the following microscopic bit of advice:

Do not have kids you can't afford.
Do not major in stupid stuff.
Do not get in trouble with the law.
Get good grades.
Wait until you're married to have kids.

You could take the same totality of everything that has been written about men and women, and sexism and misogyny.  Which going back to the Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton days would go back a hundred years.  All the books written, all the screeds on feminist pages, all the words women's studies professors have said as to why women are oppressed, and let's just throw in the protests and "slut walks" to boot.

None of that will help women as much as the following few bits of advice:

Don't become a single mother.
Don't major in stupid stuff.
Learn math, IT, STEM, and programming.
Stay in shape.
It's alright to want a husband and kids.
It's alright to be feminine.
Your beauty will leave you some day.

And these two different bits of advice for two presumably oppressed groups exposes "white privilege" (and the white people who ardently claim to believe in it) for what it truly is.


I have absolutely no reservations about telling people, minority or not, female or not, the truth.  No matter how harsh, the truth is a better medicine than the most sweet tasting of lies because it is the truth.  It is reality.  And any decisions made from or based in truth is going to be infinitely better and more successful than decisions made in lies.  So the medicine may taste harsh, but it WILL solve the problem and it WILL, over the long run help out the intended recipient more than a lifetime of feelings-sparring lies.

But to tell the truth takes courage.  In the context of "privilege" you have to face accusations of racism or sexism if you don't tell a political group what they want to hear.  Heck, you can be part of the group yourself and you'll be called a traitor, an "Uncle Tom" even threatened and assaulted.  But liberal, leftist, democrat white people simply do not have the courage NOR DO THEY CARE ENOUGH ABOUT MINORITIES to take this risk and tell them the truth.  They are cowards.  And not only are they cowards, their ultimate goal, their ulterior motive was never about advancing or tangibly helping minorities or women.

It was just to get your vote, money, acceptance, or popularity from you.

Therefore, I ask any minority of female who believes in privilege to consider these things. I'm not saying you DON'T have to believe in privilege or certain groups of people have it better off than you. What I'm imploring you to do is ask what REALLY is driving this odd choir of democrat white people to fervently, and ironically, universally claiming to believe in white privilege.  They ultimately do NOT have your best interests at heart and Valerie Johnson epitomizes this, ultimately defining what "white privilege" is.

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WebTrafficBuilder said...

Indians, Jews, Asians all make more than whites.

Jews make up 2% of population yet over half The 1% and 45% of our gov.

But it's middle class whites who have all the privilege apparently and they should be drained of their resources to the poor minorities & to the upper class.

Anonymous said...

White people appear to have privilege because they worked harder, worked smarter, live more peacefully, cooperated better, valued education and family more .... than others and therefore we were more advanced, wealthier and lived better than most others.

That is not privilege ... that is CHARACTER.

We offered it to the rest of the world and we get venom in return.

TheTooner said...

All of the Jews I have ever met are white.

Anonymous said...

When did race become.....everything?
And is racism the 'most worst horriblest baddest meanest thing' ever?
Or is racism just one of many problems with any and every society?
Even it it was a prevalent as the leftwing liars say, it's still not the end of the world or the only problem in the world.
How about a bit of common sense and a bit of perspective?

Anonymous said...

I especially like the referenced “refugee lovers,” who espouse open borders to me but when asked what they personally are willing to do for the poor refugees say, “well I would but I don’t have the money.” As she orders the $15 glass of Chardonnay reaching into her Coach handbag to pull out the Visa card....

Nobody said...

This is a damn good article. Sad that it has to be written though. Unfortunately, that is the reality we are in now.

minuteman said...

White privilege. My grand parents were married and ensured that their children were well educated and worked hard. My parents were married and ensured that their children were well educated and worked hard. I am married and ensure that my children are well educated and work hard. That is what the success of our civilization is based on. There is nothing privileged about it.

Unknown said...

You can call her out on BS, but that will do no good. All of you have bought the false conclusion that womyn like this are preening and trying to be seen as doubleplusgood. Nah. Take a good look at this thing. Fat, ugly and not smart. Bottom of the gene pool. The threat of the underman or untermensch is not just non-Whites Bub. Its uglies and fatties and things that you don't want to bump in the night. This blob of ugly wouldn't get to three on a scale of ten if she put enough makeup on for Halloween. These losers didn't get a date in Whitetopia. Their hate is due to being left on the shelf to rot. Not just not invited to the cool table, but left behind and dancing with a mop while you were banging at the Senior Prom.
Its a gene thang...

faithless cynic said...

I can add another bit of advice for anyone trying to NOT Fuck up thier life. Do not trash your credit or declare bankruptcy. Employers do look at that. That said, bankruptcy for unpayable medical bills is a smart play.

ia said...

If blacks stopped blaming whites they'd be worse off. Blacks are behaving in a very rational way. Without the human rights shakedown they'd get not free stuff, no affirmative action quotas, no hate crime laws. There mission is to exploit status-marking Eloi who are far more interested in other whites than other groups.

Maniac said...

"But more commonly you just have to go to your average white woman/girl under 30's social account and she will more than likely, and loudly, proclaim how much she believes in white-privilege and can't wait to welcome some refugees into the country."

Corrina Mehiel thinks along similar lines. Well, she used to, anyway.

Take The Red Pill said...

Just what are some of the specific things that are characteristic of'white privilege'?
Or of 'male privilege'?
I can't seem to get an answer (which makes any sense) from any of the 'true believers' in them...

Danimal28 said...

I have one more simple rule to add to this list:

"Do not have kids you can't afford.
Do not major in stupid stuff.
Do not get in trouble with the law.
Get good grades.
Wait until you're married to have kids."

Don't be a dick. All three of my teenagers are using all of these rules very well :-D